Fitz O'Malley

Basic Info:

Player: Your most common name on IRC. Not the name of your character

Demeanor: Fitz is a large, protective kid who likes to shove locker-shovers into lockers. He's usually seen on the side of the underdog and people with less than attractive qualities.

Nature: Fitz hates abuse, there's too much of that in the world and he will not confront it with a candy coating. He doesn't do well when he's alone, his mind seems to go to dark places, and he strives to be accepted by most.

Description: Fitz O'Malley


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do.
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Brawling (4): Fitz spent most of his life teaching his Irish arse how to fight. Mostly out of necessity because of being picked on. You don't want to be at the receiving end of one of Fitz' haymakers. (Brawn)
  • Boxing (3): Fitz knows how to dance and dodge around a few punches. (Agility)
  • Perception (3): A keen eyeball helps to size up people and keep your surroudnings in check. He's got a good eye. (Brains)
  • Weaponry Improvised (2): When one comes from a poor home, One learns to use whatever is at their disposal to cause some damage when one is being bashed in. Fitz is good at using what's around him as a weapon, even if it's not. (Brawn)

Supernatural Abilities:

Flight (1): - Those wings on his back aren't for show'n'tell, he can fly with them, glide mostly but he can fly as well.

Super Strong (4): - Supernatural forces at work hyper-activate and allow him to do amazing feats of strength with little to no effort.

Durability (2): - His skin is hard, tough like stone. There's not a lot that can penetrate him and some bullets even bounce off of him. Reflexively when danger happens or things try to damage him, he turns into a form of living stone for a short time, this eventually fades back into his hard leathery flesh.


  • Direct sunlight on any exposed flesh will turn him human, and he loses all of his powers. This means that he cannot fly in the sunlight, he cannot use his strength in sunlight. If he can cover his body he will be fine. If there is an overcast he will also be fine, but he cannot function supernaturally in direct skin contact sunlight.


  • Smart Phone
  • Cloak: Not conspicuous at all! (It really is.)
  • Mountain Bike
  • Backpack with various school-type things
  • Desktop PC
  • Art Sets
  • Weights

Personal History:

Born late in the ninties, this seventeen year old kid was a misshapened monster from birth, wings, hoofed feet and a thin leathery tail that swishes behind him. He was abandoned to a monestary who refused to keep him, he would have been disposed of if it wasn't for the secret society that took him in, brought him to a special institute and raised him to learn and harness his abilities. Now that he's a late teenager, he's been brought in to Sunnybrook school to try and reintergrate him back into society and to be with others like himself.


He's managed to befriend most of the students who tend to get picked on or bullied, Male, female, it didn't matter - if you bullied or gave anyone a hard time there's a good chance he's done it right back. It's just who he is. UNDERDOGS UNITE!

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