Finn Gatsby

Basic Info:

Player: Zikame

Demeanor: He is the most mellow and chill person to be around honestly, He's high on something and its life! He's way too cool with everything, its like he doesn't even know what the word angry means. If there is one thing that'll get him wide awake its if someone wants to gamble or make a bet with him.

Nature: Its what i just said! He's a mellow and chill person to be around! Sure he tends to have stray thought's wanting to kill people often, but thats HIS business! He is a very proper representation of a "fake" person. If he seem's TOO mellow, then that means somethings gotta be wrong with him or just something is bugging him. Even though he's very calm, some day's he just snap's from holding back all of his negative emotions.

Description: At 17 years old! he's a short, pale white, skinny fellow reaching about 5'3 and weighing in at underwhelming 115 pounds! He wears a black hoodie that has no left arm sleeve or pockets, a large cargo book bag, slightly baggy grey jeans, two pouches on the side's of his waist and neon yellow shoes. He has a spiral white and black tattoo that starts from the palm of his left hand and wraps all the way around his arm up to his lower neck. Long black hair that goes a little past his shoulders and covers his eyes.


HP: 6 (1/2 brawn)

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


-Crafty- 4 (brains) Finn's "A Gambling Chance" power requires him to have tons of material's on hand. He carries an enormous amount of random materials on him at all time's. If he doesn't have the right material for what he needs, he'll try to make it out of material that he already has.

-Recognition- 4 (brains) Finn is a gambler, and any gambler has to have a great poker face. He can see what your current emotion is, and can even tell if your lying or not.

-Relaxed- 4 (brains) Finn is a very calm person in any intense situation. You can count on him to be relaxed and concentrated in any type of dangerous situation.

Supernatural Abilities:

-Unknown Bet- (3) Finn is able to ask any yes or no questions to his 8-ball and have the question actually happen or not happen depending what the 8-ball says. He can ask it for anything except for living things or complicated machinery. The things he ask's for have to be natural or artificial, so no asking for time traveling, splitting dimensions, or stuff like that. For example he could ask, "Will it start raining acid?" and if the 8-ball says yes it would actually begin to happen. For another example, if finn tried to ask "Is there a car on the roof?" the ball wouldn't respond with anything. Also, it can speak like a human when in non-combat. Downside is he's a complete asshole 90%of the time.

(Coin flip to see if you get to roll the power, the power roll is it's strength of success, and if it fails then the 8-ball says unhelpful nonsensical things, and if its a succeeds it gives nice comments about the situation)

-A Gambling Chance-(4) Finn is able to gamble anything to get what he wants. lets say he wanted a new hoodie that was a size larger, he would have to give up his own jacket and add in more material that whatever the jacket was made out of to get the new jacket so that it would be able to create the newer bigger jacket. In a simpler way of saying it, he's doing equivalent exchange.


-The Worst Game Ever- Finn's love to gamble is just as strong as his hate for it. If he asks too many questions to his 8-ball or makes too many gamble's on things, then there is a very high chance of him blanking out for the rest of the day. His power is all mind games so it puts a lot of strain on his mind. Too much strain and he'll just clock out till morning.



-Custom 8-ball
-Large cargo book bag filled with random supplies
-2 small waist pouches with random supplies

++++Dorm Possessions:

-3 large suit cases filled with random supplies
-Computer with 2 screens
-Other clothing
-Small mini fridge packed with soda's
-Large Notebook

Personal History:

Finn Gatsby was a boy of great luck and skill in the world of gambling. He was only nine before he began to love and learn what gambling was. Figuring out his powers along the way, he was gambled with his friends and his dad to try and become the best gambler in the world! That is until a couple years later when he had his found out. He was in a young league poker tournament and was using "A Gambling Chance" to change his bad cards into better cards. Since he was the youngest player there being fourteen, all eyes were on him. Someone noticed the card's change and yelled "Cheater!" After that some of the people noticed how much his cards really changed. Finn not even a moment later bolted out of the tournament while being chased by security and a mob of anger poked fanatics. It took him about two hours but he escaped them somehow. But even through all his efforts to stay hidden that night, they found him. Sunny Brook did that is. They told Finn to come with them to a school for people like him. He looked at them and closed his eyes for a moment in thought, then he shook his 8-ball and asked "Should i go with them?" and the ball responded with "Most likely." After that day, finn began to always look at his 8-ball for guidance and he also began living at Sunny Brook

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