Daniel Vitan

Basic Info:

Player: Silvors

Demeanor: Daniel comes off as either nice guy who seems careless, not really caring that he tells people his condition and not really hesitating to use magic. He also seems rather sympathetic, despite his willpower, sad stories and injured innocents seem to make him desire to assist.

Nature: Daniel likes to help people, though that doesn't mean he does so needlessly. Those that are guilty deserve what they get. Though, he dislikes uniform punishment for uniform crimes. He seems to judge pros and cons, basing long term decisions off them and short term decisions off what ever mood he's in.

Daniel has a slim build, standing at 5'8" and appears to weigh around 115 pounds. The lich appears slightly normal. Still scentless, his skin is deathly pale. His once brown hair has become pale blonde in color. His icy blue eyes seem to have a noticeable electric blue glow and a faint veil of ethereal blue mist surrounds them. He dresses rather simply, a simple t-shirt, typically solid white or blue, with either black sweatpants or jeans.

After the boy's even MORE recent changes, his body has changed slightly. Out of his forehead sprout two dusty black horns, as this as a quarter at the base and as long as a paperclip and from his midback sprout two matching wings, each as long as his elbow and a fourteen inches from top to bottom.


HP: 9/9

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 1 (3-2)

Agility: 2

Brains: 6 (7-1)


Willpower (6) (Brains)

Martial Arts (3) (Brawn)

Perception (4) (Brains)

Persuasion (2) Brains)

Academics (4) (Brains)

Artifact Design / Magic Analysis (4) (Brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

3 Point Saved

Lich (5): The spell cast by his brother turned Daniel into a Lich. This makes Daniel reform after death near his phylactery as well as faster regeneration, and also makes it so that he can turn off his sense of pain. It also removes his need for things like eating and breathing. In addition, any valuables on Daniel's body will be transported to his new body!

Soul Magic (4): Being a Lich, Daniel has access to Soul Magic.

Soul Infusion
Daniel infuses his soul to his body, increasing his strength temporarily. Out of combat, he gains 1/2 of the roll as a brawn bonus that decays over time, in combat he gets 1/3 of the roll as a brawn bonus that decays over time.

Spirit Shield
Daniel shields himself from the next attack, transferring damage from HP to Psyche and rolls to attempt to lessen the damage.

Daniel weakens his foes connection to their body, delaying their movement.

Essence Illusion
Daniel creates an temporary, intangible illusion of himself.

Soul Rend
Daniel fires a burst of soul energy that frays at his foe's mind, dealing damage to their Psyche.

Willed Wisp
Daniel summons a servant which typically takes the shape of some kind of ethereal purple will-o-wisp. While the Wisp is capable of flight and levitation, it can only be [(Soul Magic)*5] feet away from Daniel. The wisp can lift and carry anything that Dan could normally carry. He can summon additional Wisps but, that divides the strength among them all. It can also possess ice and move ice. Nifty.

Cryomancy (5): Daniel has fully embraced and attuned himself to his ice magic, giving him dominion over ice and its many forms. What does this mean? Well it means that Daniel has full control over ice, he can shape it to his will, not needing spells to act as a middle man. He can also, of course, affect temperature still. He is a Cryomancer who can bend Ice and the Cold without a need for a spell list!

Undefined Reality (4) Daniel manifests metaphysical concepts in a physical form, such as life, death, time, chaos, and order. What he summons is based on how he interprets these concepts. A few examples are: Life being a red goop which heals 1/3 of the roll rounding down, Mind which heals 1/4 roll rounding down, or Death which summons a roaming shadow which slowly kills whatever is nearby (though it prefers to attack Daniel). Concepts can be canceled by interacting with their opposite (IE: Death can be dispelled by its target consuming life. Order undoes chaos. Etc) Daniel must have a clear understanding of a concept to summon it, and the power of the concept increases with Daniel's understanding, experience, and intimacy with it.


Phylactery (Severe): His Phylactery is the home of his soul and if left unattended it is a weak point that he can't constantly protect. In addition, since his soul is housed in his phylactery, it makes him weak against possession and body manipulation.

Corrupted Connection (Severe): Due to having a demonic body and human soul, Daniel has lost 3 stat points (chosen at random).


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

Samsung Galaxy S9 (In a icy blue case)
Roman Coin
+3 Frost Aura Ofuda x6
Silver Watch (Can call Special Circumstances)
Anti-Phantom Grenade
Magical Panda Ear Headband

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

Undefined Reality (The Mundane Book)
Pocket Watch (Phylactery)
Small Human Effigy
Green Generic Cube
Fireproof Safe
-1 Chisel Spear (5 Uses Remain)
Red Fragrant Ritual Candle

Personal History:

Daniel was the second child of the Vitan family, his brother John was two years older than him. Throughout his early life, he was always living like his brother, they took various martial arts classes together, though Daniel was never especially skilled. He was smart, smart enough to make good grades in school without much effort but, never really felt a drive to achieve anything. He had his friends and if they weren't around he had John but, after his brother was diagnosed with a fatal disease, they grew distant.

Daniel noticed John would occasionally disappear for a few hours and he eventually followed him to learn that his brother had become a magician. Intrigued and wanting to spend more time with his deathly ill brother, Daniel offered to assist him. While John refused to reveal how to become a magician to Daniel, John let Daniel assist by bringing books or any necessary items. Soon, Daniel learned of his brothers plan.

John planned to cheat death by becoming a lich. It was then that his brother revealed the risks of the plan and how John came to be a magician. Daniel's brother was walking through the hospital when a woman approached him, offering John power in the last year of his life. The power was magic and he now knew the price was his soul. So, in an attempt to cheat death John wished to become a lich, with the risk of the spell failing and the likelihood that the demon he made a deal with would not allow a lich to be created. John planned to modify the ritual slightly, amplifying his magic so that he could fight the demon or at least ward it off.

Regardless, John decided it was his only chance. Daniel was never very religious and he would have preferred a guaranteed year with his brother, rather than risk his brother dying now and going to wherever demons reside. So, when John began casting the spell Daniel attempted to stop him by knocking his brother out of the way. That failed… badly. The magic was already in motion and couldn't be stopped, and now Daniel was standing at the spell's targeted location. Instead of John, Daniel gained lichdom.

As he felt his soul fleeing his body, he managed to stay conscious long enough to see his brother running from what Daniel could only describe as a demon. When he woke up, the GWU had already came to his home and told his parents that John died to the disease. A few hours later, Daniel was headed to Sunnybrook with only a few of his and his brother's items.


Daniel's Death Counter: 4
Died by becoming a lich (Character Creation)
Died by becoming a lich… again (Child Again Event)
Killed by Sorrow Phantom (Ennui of Phantoms)
Died after fighting Mister Mad (Mister Mad)
Daniel's regen roll 4d3+8-(Lich+Tier) hours until his body is recreated.

(In the event that his phylactery is in a safe to small to contain his body, he would appear outside or if it's buried he would appear on the surface, etc)

Experience Point Counter: 4 XP

Tier 0 Upgrades: Power Boost, Learning New Tricks, Moving to Perfection, Clear Mind

Weekly XP: +3
August Training XP: +1
Power Boost: -4 (+1 Lich, +1 Ice Magic)
Marketplace: +2
Esrum So: +4
Weekly XP: +1
Hunters of The Night: +3
Weekly XP: +1
Learning New Tricks: -4 (+2 Academics)
Weekly XP: +1
Moving to Perfection: -4 (+1 Brains)
Clear Mind: -4

Tier 1 Upgrades: Learning New Tricks, Moving to Perfection, Power Boost

Ennui of Phantoms: +2
Field Trip: The Hive: +2
Learning New Tricks: -4 (+1 Academics, +1 Willpower)
Memorium of Mythos: +3
Weekly XP: +1
September Training: +1
Who We Are: +2
Moving to Perfection: -4 (+1 Brains)
Weekly XP: +1
Heroics: +2
Weekly XP: +1
Power Boost: -4
LGBT+ First Meeting: +1
Power Boost: -4
Toughen Up: -4

Tier 2 Upgrades:

Weekly XP: +4
Power Boost: -4
Weekly XP: +4
Learning New Tricks: -4
Weekly XP: +2
Nemi Gear Solid V: The Phantom Paint: +2
Mister Mad: +1
Weekly XP: +2
Moving Towards Perfection: -4
Weekly XP: +1
Clear Mind: -4

Tier 3 Upgrades:
Weekly XP: +9
Moving Towards Perfection: -4 (Redistribute from Brains when/if undemoned)
Weekly XP: +2
Training (March) +1
Weekly XP: +4
Power Boost: -4
Learning New Tricks: -4
Clear Mind: -4

Tier 4:
Weekly XP: +12
Clear Mind: -4
Learning New Skills: -4

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