Conventina Copper

Basic Info:

Player: Tina_Lewis

Demeanor: A very energetic and outgoing girl. She's got a good sense of humor, and a lot of curiosity.

Nature: She's sensitive to others, trying to get a good relationship with everyone. Being a pixie, she obviously hankers for mischief, and is a bit of a prankster at times. Just don't be mean, call her short or touch her wings, unless you want to get on her bad side.

Description: At a human height of 5'6", Conventina is fairly eye-catching. She has purple hair, and golden-yellow eyes. Like all pixies, she has transparent purple wings with blue liquid flowing through indistinguishable veins that she can make appear and disappear.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • - Sword Arts (2) Agility (She is very skilled with swords, being trained her whole life. Can be used against her enemy's and usually has a great effect on them)
  • - Social (4) Brains (She is very friendly to people and will talk with anyone, having picking attention to detail.)
  • A Good Eye (2) Brains (She notices if things have changed and she's good at navigation, having lived in a pixie hideout)
  • random facts (3) Brains (Conventina has a knack for remembering all sorts of things that she heard somewhere.)
  • [mental defense] (1) Brains ([description])

Supernatural Abilities:

Pixie biology - 3 - Conventina, as a pixie, is a lot different than humans. She needs to eat, drink and sleep noticeably less than humans. She has her trusty wings, which are really good for flight. She is also able to shrink down to about 6 inches tall, which obviously has many strengths and weaknesses. Her flight can be used as a ranged dodge skill when her wings are out. Her wings, when out, grant a -1 to dodging attacks, however. They can appear/disappear as part of any action that doesn't require them.
As a pixie, Conventina is immune to non-supernatural illnesses. She also is resistant to drug and poisons not made for pixies. This is equal to a 10% decrease in effectiveness per rank in this skill (currently 30%)
Shrinking also requires a turn, but can be part of an action where size plays no role.

Pixie dust - 3 - Conventina can create pixie dust from her body. Either her wings, which will lose the liquids, or her eyes, which will lose their color. The dust seems to go where she wants rather than comply to physics when she does decide to knock it off herself. Every time she uses this power, she gets X doses (X=roll-2, unless critical sucess). Each does of dust, when sprinkled on a person, can provide a little bit of luck and invigoration, in the form of boosts to subsequent rolls (details below). She can only manage to produce the dust every (8-power level, currently 5) hours.

The pixie dust can also do various enchantments if the correct dosage is used:

10 doses: The target object will be granted a beauty, like Coventina's aura, but likely more subtle.

25 doses: Makes target outfit 'pixie friendly', allowing it to shrink with her and letting her wings pass through it

100 doses: The target will have temporary flight (~5m). The target will pretty much be able to will themselves to maneuver about. (still uses agility though…)

Pixie magic - 3 - Conventina has access to the a pool of pixie spells. In order to choose a spell, she must first change her eye color to represent the type of spell, then do some sort of physical gesture to indicate the specific spell, otherwise nothing will happen. Unless otherwise stated, a defending target rolls mental defense

  • Emotional reveal: Conventina clicks her tongue, and her eyes flash purple. The target suddenly finds it hard to conceal their emotions. They will find themselves expressing them however they see as natural. This can be useful for learning about a person, but it might also lead to scorn, or even violence. The person is still capable of lying about their emotions, but they will just quit altering their behavior from how they would naturally respond to the emotions.
  • False Sensation: Conventina scratches her neck, and her eyes flash hazel. The target will then have some sort of simple single-sense hallucination, from being extremely itchy to hearing a repetitive buzz to seeing whatever their vision is focused on as on fire
  • Giggle fit: Conventina covers a giggle, and her eyes flash green. Suddenly, the subject will find themselves in an uncontrollable laughter. They can still act and talk through it if they fight hard enough, (-1 to actions for X rounds, does not stack with her other spells), but they won't stop laughing no matter what.
  • Talkative: Conventina yawns (usually up-playing it with a noise and stretch), and her eyes flash green. The target will then find themselves spouting things they don't want the people around them to hear, Whether it be revealing secrets or saying something stupid that makes you look like something they don't want to look like. Conventina can decide whether what you said is to be held to/away from the truth. Rolling list at the bottom of the page
  • Tongue Tied: Conventina puts her tongue between her lips, and her eyes flash a dark green. The target will be unable to string more than a couple syllables together as both their mouth and their brains fail to know how to pronounce anything. They will also find their writing is too messy to read and their typing is illegibly misspelled


As a pixie, she literally does not have as much self-control as most people. She takes -3 on defense of effects described as urges or compulsions (severe)


  • Pixie dust bag (0 dust)
  • Two light blue swords
  • Enchanted diamond necklace (always worn, it was gave to her from her mother, the necklace is said to be able to see the future but only for a short amount of time)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A couple family/friend pictures
  • Some silk clothing
  • Some flowers
  • 1 or 2 other swords (Not her main ones) and 1 or 2 knifes

Personal History:

Born in a pixie hideout with her parents, she lived a happy life. Some pixies saw her as enchanting and mesmerizing because of her rare features and abilities. They saw her as kind of a sweetheart but also pulling lots of pranks on other pixies and friends. But one day, she was flying out by the highway, and she was snatched up by the GWU and soon sent to Sunnybrook. She is happy that she is here too; hoping to meet new friends and pulling all kinds of pranks.


14 years old
birthday is: 1/19/04
Tier: 0 Upgrade: 0 XP: 0
Money: $0


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