Claire Venera
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Player: UltimixRed

Demeanor: Claire is quiet and obedient, if someone tells her to do something, a good chance she'll listen, even if she has no real obligation to do so. A kid once told her to go die in a hole, she tried her best. Didn't work out.

Nature: Claire is terrified to her very core about pretty much…everything. She hopes that just shutting up and doing what people say will let them leave her alone but she's much more terrified of her boss, their name is enough to make her scream.

Description: Claire has long scarlet red hair, and odd bat protrusions on her head. She wears clothing akin to a secretary, lots of work clothes, while her back spots a tiny pair of wings not very useful for flight, along with a devil's tail. 5"2

Stats T0:

HP: 8/8

Psyche: 4/4

Brawn: 4

Agility: 1

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Brutalizer 4: Claire's main fighting style is to just tank hits, and keep on punishing. Finesse isn't really her strong suit. (Brawn)
  • Perception 3 (Brains)
  • Pursuit 3: Tracking down and attacking those that would hide or escape. (Agility)
  • Magic Tinkering 4: Claire is no stranger to the supernatural, and as such is skilled in using magic devices, able to slightly alter them on the fly (Brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • [Null] (6) Claire lacks the power she used to, and is now an empty slate for which anomalies can be held. Her body makes the ideal vessel for any power. She can make her body a temple and as such host artifacts or other anomalous powers inside her, replicating their power at her roll -1. She can only hold one power in her body at a time. Participants must be willing, including artifacts that have wills of their own. Artifacts in her body do not weigh her down, or become physical unless she dies. She can channel powers a distance of 7mXrating. Channeling takes a turn but artifacts do not.
  • Minor Devil Contract (4): Claire is almost a full demon herself, and has the power to contract others to do her bidding. Provided to her lineage was 3 minor demons, and she could potentially enlist more or even humans as time goes by. The demons are sent back to the Underworld if they are destroyed, and have to be resummoned after 5 minutes
  • Claire's Special Service 2: She's not full fledged as a demon but, close enough to make a contract binding. This power allows Claire to achieve things that normally the confines of common sense rejects, whether it be miracle or disaster. The Contractee must offer up an item of greater value than the goal they want achieved, and satisfaction is not guaranteed.


  • Claire is mostly demon at this point, and as such is hurt by anti-anomaly weapons more severely (Mild)
  • Claire's time in the Underworld has mentally scarred her, making her lose 2 max Psyche. (Severe)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A Spellbook with all her contracts and incantations.
  • A cypher for decoding her Command Phrase, broken into 3 parts
  • A collection of pens, in black, blue and red.
  • Spare tie
  • Glasses
  • 2 +4Malus Ofuda from Akemi.
  • Blu-tooth headpiece, though it doesn't seem to be connected to any device. broken
  • Silver Heart Locket that won't open.


Demonic Amplifier Amulet: A special golden amulet, instilling Claire with a little extra demonness, making her inhuman traits more pronounced. Activating the amulet causes her wings to increase in size to the point where they can actually fly, albeit with great effort. Average speed of 15mph or 20 if she puts extra effort and the winds flow in her favor. She needs to rest equal to 3x time spent flying. Her tail also becomes whiplike and with a bone like hardness to its tip.
The final benefit the extra demon power gives, is the ability to Force Contract an enemy, rolling her Special Service power against their mental defense, and if they fail then they can only attack Claire.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A spare set of work clothes
  • Various books on magic and demonology
  • Flip phone
  • Desktop computer, along with an art tablet.
  • Bottle of rum, 1/2 cider, 0/4 vodka, 2/4th bottle of whiskey
  • Italian syrup in fig, apple, and pomegranate. (present from Aiko)
  • Pixie Crystal (15 doses)
  • Pixie….gel (6 doses)

Personal History:

The Venera lineage is just one big Aesop, which is whatever wish a demon will grant you, it's never worth it. In the 1850's, the Venera's came to America but found their luck to be lacking and getting caught in a Civil War they weren't willing to fight. So they did the only reasonable thing and wished on a star for their troubles to be solved…too bad someone was listening. The demon Paimon took heed of the family's troubles and offered them a contract. Their wish was for their lineage always to have the strength to overcome the troubles of the world, in return they would all swear allegiance to Paimon. Being a demon and all, the wish was corrupted from the start. At first, they simply were unstoppable on the battlefield and incredibly lucky, however with each generation they lost bits and pieces of their humanity, slowly becoming closer and closer to Paimon's puppets. By the generation before Claire's, wings and tail came about from her mother, who could revel in the dark magics she was provided by their demonic master.

Claire is the latest child in the Venera line, and is soon to be the last, as the next generation will most likely be truly demon. Claire herself is soft-spoken and avoids her fate as much as possible. Her family obeys the demon and she herself is powerless to do otherwise. She can simply do what they tell her to do, if they say steal from that guy, she will do so. Destroy that family, aye aye captain. Curse that woman, Claire is obligated. Claire herself tries to keep herself locked from her family as much as possible, staying in her room for weeks at a time, doing whatever to pass the time. She doesn't like to draw per se, but it is at the very least busy work she can do without much bother.

The Venera's good fortunes came to an end when they found themselves fighting a group allied with the Merchants, who wished to capture and sell them, demons fetch a good bit of coin after all. Things were looking bleak for them until they Claire stepped in herself and with a bit of goading from Paimon, unleashed a more demonic form. The Scarlet Beast, a demon that's pure rage and madness, also borrowing heavily on Paimon's contract. She ate the merchants within seconds, thus prompting GWU attention, and intervention. Claire was much more willing to be locked away at Sunnybrook then spend a single second longer with her family, at least that's what she hoped to think.


The work clothes she wears are not destroyed when she's transformed, and that is due to them being specifically tailored to avoid that. Paimon's courtesy of course.
Claire's wings are very sensitive, even the weird ones on her head.
Due to the sensitivity of her wings and tail, Claire only takes baths at room temperature. The one time she tried to shower she passed out a minute in.
Sam introduced Claire to ice cream. She has to physically restrain herself from taking it.
Claire actually follows Christian faith despite full knowledge of the universe's Gods and Demons.
Her birthday is June 22nd
Find a spouse
Assemble an army

XP and Upgrades

Money: $180
Toughen Up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind - Increase Psyche by 2—
Moving to Perfection - Increase any Attribute by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM

T0 Power Tutor complete!

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