Christopher Foulkrod-Townes

"Isn’t life a kind of corruption? A child is born, and the world sets in upon it. Taking things from it, stuffing things into it."

Basic Info:

Player: TeslaTornado

Security Rating: B-II-02.21.34

Errata: Tier 0, Stage 1, 6 XP

Demeanor: Confident, cocky, and self-assured, Chris is a pretty suave kid who is very used to getting what he wants out of life, and other people. Never one to take unfair advantage of others that don't deserve it, he is a steadfast moralist and falls firmly on the Lawful Good end of the morality spectrum. Intuitive and clever, a quick thinker with an analyst's view on the world; one that is rarely left out in the cold for long. He's always on the up and up, getting himself involved in intrigue and drama where he otherwise has no business being, often to his own detriment - but a wink and a smile to the right people usually manage to scoot him out of harm's way just in time.

Nature: He wildly vacillates between intense narcissism and self-loathing, often at once believing himself to be God's gift to humanity and the worst thing to ever be inflicted on the earth. His self-worth is fairly low, but he believes in the value of other peoples' lives, which often leads him to dedicate himself to the 'greater good' of making sure that his friends and loved ones are okay, regardless of the harm he might cause to himself in the process (socially, physically, or otherwise). He is deeply loving and caring, but has no value for himself beyond what he can provide to others. And he can be distant, and spacey, and a little inattentive or callous at times - an internalized frustration at his faltering memory taken out on the outside world.

  • Lately he has been teetering back and forth on the edge of collapse; a series of events have led him to something of a crisis of faith, his faith in the GWU wavering as a result of seeing what students involved in field operations have to go through, and the revelation of some… Incredibly questionable other facts. His normally unflappable demeanor has been traded for a much quieter, more brittle facade belying deep-driven fear and exhaustion.

Description: A handsome young man with an aquiline nose and sharp, striking features, Christopher stands at a few hairs shy of six feet tall and tips the scales at around 160 pounds. His blonde hair is kept at about the base of his neck and neatly parted down the center of his skull, swept back over both shoulders and - when necessary - braided or tied off with a length of thread. He dresses in collared shirts, slacks, and suspenders, and will add a waistcoat, tie and jacket for more formal events. He dresses sharply and strikingly, imposing an aura of someone much older than his sixteen years let on. Winter months see an influx of scarves and knee-length coats, with tall boots and hats.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • The Best Greeting Is A Strong Left Hook (3; Brawn): Having your nose in places where it isn't supposed to be will often get said nose bitten by the things waiting for it in the dark. And when the jaws start to snap, or the fists start to fly, there are two choices you can make: you can turn away and hope only your ass gets bit, or you can meet the attacker head-on, full force forward. Through some combination of trial and error and extracurricular training, Chris has managed to become a pretty skilled brawler, and as such he can swing with the best of 'em, and even take a solid punch or two before he gets sat down. Unarmed Combat and Resistance
  • Knowing Is Half The Battle (3 [2+1 from weaknesses]; Brains): Research is the most important part of any investigation, aside from the actual process of physically investigating whatever it is you're investigating. Despite his unreliable memory, Christopher has a wide and varied base of research to draw from when he's on a trail, extending from ancient European history to mathematics to philosophy to sports trivia, and a little bit of everything in between. General Knowledge
  • The Other Half Is Seeing (3; Brains): A sharp eye and a keen mind are the best personal traits an investigator can have, other than sweet fashion sense and a taste for whiskey. Being underage and already having on-point style, Christopher naturally has the kind of mental and visual acuity that can lead him to spot, smell, or hear things that others wouldn't necessarily pick out as abnormal right away. Perception
  • Soft-Shoed Sleuthing (2; Agility): Trouble comes for those who attract it to themselves. The best way to do that is to go tromping around announcing your presence to everyone in the area. Naturally, Christopher doesn't want to be found before he can even start snooping, and has therefore dedicated himself to the art of sneaking. He can blend into a crowd, slip through a warehouse unseen, and pad his way across a road covered with broken glass in near-complete obscurity, or at least in such a way that he's pretty hard to pick out. Stealth
  • The Clockwork Mind In The Fleshy Cage (3 [2+1 from weaknesses]; Brains): It's important to know what makes people tick. Is the cute girl checking her makeup on the bus because she has a job interview, or is she seeing someone later? Is that rough character with the tattoos in a gang or does he just like ink? Is that shifty-looking fellow peddling counterfeit watches or attempting surveillance? Sometimes it's just a matter of analyzing someone's stance, the look on their face, and knowing just where to put the pressure when it comes time to talk. Persuasion Social

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Oh, If These Walls Could Talk (4): Throughout our lives, our emotions leave psychic imprints on the objects around us. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the imprint on the object. A mirror broken in rage can retell an entire saga of suffering and shame, and an autographed baseball can show someone what the exhilaration of meeting your childhood hero is like. To be glib, objects have stories, and certain people are gifted with the ability to read those stories. Christopher is one of those people. He has a sensitivity to these imprints, being able to sniff them out of an area and access them, watching the imprint like a clip from a movie, complete with the capacity to rewind, fast forward, and pause. The quality of the imprint (facial definition, voice quality, etc.) is determined by rolling the skill. In addition, Christopher can create these imprints with a concentrated effort on his part - effectively creating a reusable receptacle for his own memories where simply taking notes would not suffice, or in a situation where compromising information is at stake. The rule for reading an imprint is the same as the rule for creating one. Finally, Christopher can use himself as a conduit to project the imprint into the physical area around him with great concentration, effectively leaving himself completely vulnerable to physical or psychological attacks for the duration of the projection. He maintains full control of the progression of the event, and can still rewind, fast-forward or pause the imprint at any point he deems convenient for himself or others.
  • But Far Better To Be The Wall (3): Further still, if an object remains in one location for a long enough time, it maintains a tie to that place and time forever, regardless of where it travels hence. Antique chairs, clocks, and other such curiosities bear a psychic blueprint of where they were originally located provided they remained unmolested for a significant period of time, and some psychics are capable of accessing the location where the object was kept via telepathic means. Guess who can do that, too? For an amount of time and level of accuracy equal to the value of the roll (as value increases, quality/active time increases), Christopher can access this psychic blueprint, and manipulate the space around him, allowing him access to documents and objects which may have since been destroyed or lost. Essentially, he creates a false psychic version of the real physical room and all objects within - a bureau desk would have all of the belongings that it had in it, a clock would have anything hidden within the cabinet, and so on. The quality of documents recovered in this way varies wildly depending on the quality of the projection itself, so this power's usefulness is dubious at best, and again requires Christopher to separate his psychic presence from his physical body, leaving him incredibly vulnerable.
  • All Identity Is A Matter Of Artifice (2): As a result of his adoption into the ranks of Special Circumstances, Christopher has begun to develop an alternative method of coping with the hazards and psychological duress that it places on someone in his situation. Based on research into the strategies used by undercover policemen and special forces operatives, Christopher has developed a method of assembling cover identities from fragments of memories and personalities within his own mind; which he then applies over himself as a psychic "mask" - effectively creating a forged psychic identity indistinguishable from that of a regular person.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • The Composite Memory Man of Sunnybrook Academy (Mild): What happens when your mind is responsible for the safe conduct of not only your own memories, but the psychic imprints and memories of hundreds of other people and places and objects? The lines between your own memories and those you've acquired blur, and you start to lose pieces of yourself and gain parts of others you didn't have before. As a result of this, Christopher's long-term memory is effectively shot and he has issues sometimes remembering faces and names, and his behaviour can occasionally become unpredictable or strange - the result of his being a fusion of many, many people all at once.
  • The Past Can Be Painful (Mild): Strong psychic imprints can have a lasting impact, sometimes corrupting the atmosphere of an area with the emotion connected to the artifact. Psychic readers are especially attuned to, and affected by, these factors, and Christopher doubly so, being relatively untrained in comparison to others with his ability. If an especially strong emotion - positive or negative - is connected to an object, Christopher can echo the sentiments carried by that object. Angry imprints will make him angry or irritable, happy ones will lift his spirits, sad ones will bring him down, et cetera.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Many, many more shirts, slacks, pairs of shoes/boots, jackets, waistcoats, ties, etc.
  • Large framed print of an Absinthe blanqui advertisement
  • Large framed print of an Avett Brothers concert advertisement
  • US flag with pole and stand
  • Lockbox containing various notes and mementos from the past, all very sensitive
  • Stacks and stacks of filled and half-filled notebooks
  • A series of ceramic statuettes along the top of his desk, apparently very important
  • Wall clock
  • Brass desktop lamp
  • Some weirdass rock candy from Akemi

Personal History:

A small town in Connecticut, and a well-off family with two daughters and an infant son. Jeff and Mariah, mother and father, daughters Penelope and Jessamine, and Christopher, the subject of our little tale. Christopher was always slightly off from his siblings. Penny and Jess were athletes, socialites, successful integrators with many friends and peers. Christopher, by contrast, was intelligent, clever, but very emotionally attuned to his surroundings and easily put into an unstable mood. As he grew, he came slightly apart from others, but his academic pursuits only improved. He had a sharp mind, was observant, and a shoe-in for an Ivy League school on a full ride. Of course, these things rarely last. As time progressed, his parents began to catch on to certain quirks about his personality. He would fixate on certain objects around the house when he thought no-one was looking, he began asking questions that were a bit too pointed - are you and mom okay? Who's the boy with Penelope? Who's the girl with Jessamine? - questions that his family didn't want dug up.

Research happened. Fingers on keyboards, searches flagged, emails sent. Christopher was confirmed a telepath at age 10, and his family had him whisked away by the GWU rather than cause further trouble by undermining their vision of a perfect family. Secrets are best left dead and buried. Christopher isn't bitter - he knows this fact better than anyone else. Studied by the GWU for two years, after being placed with a researcher's family and resocialized - as well as given some measure of control over his powers - he was reintroduced into society well adjusted and well-heeled, supplied with what his family had sent with him. At least they were kind enough to give him his belongings when they erased him from his life. He went through the remainder of his education in various public schools before he was remanded to Sunnybrook for further developmental studies and socialization. After all, what better place would there be for him than amongst those with like minds and abilities?

On 1st December, 2015, for unspecified reasons, Christopher was transferred from Sunnybrook to another GWU school campus.


  • Doesn't like talking about his family that much. Owns no trinkets or mementos of theirs, no family photos, nothing. As far as he's concerned, the GWU researcher, Townes, and his husband and son are his family.
  • Speaks some Spanish, German, and French.
  • Fond of Romantic-era English literature and the Lost generation of American writers. Also a fan of Beat poetry and art from the early Twentieth century, particularly advertising, and also Edward Hopper. One of his secret life goals is to purchase the original Nighthawks.


There's something to be said about the first friend you make. That you carry a chunk of them with you, wherever you go. That's my feeling towards Mads right now - that I met her first, and we share a bond in that respect. She helped me move in, and then I helped her deal with… Everything. The aftermath of the Denmark incident, the ragged edges of the Katlyn fiasco… That girl is a mess, but dangit, she's my friend - and friendship is a long haul investment. I don't want to see her get hurt, and sometimes it feels like everybody's after her. So… I guess that's where I stand with her. I'm her friend, and also kind of sort of her unofficial guardian angel? Hopefully some day, in a perfect world, I don't have to be that guy either. But for now I'm happy to stand by her side and call her a friend.

  • Things have become strange with Mads of late. We've been deployed on two missions together by Special Circumstances. I keep getting lumped together with her, and we've begun working together and spending a lot more time together, and… My feelings are weird right now, okay? I don't know just what we are. Just that we are.

Then there's Wendy. Things between us have been odd since I first met her - literally. She manages to be able to push all my buttons, but never out of malice - she seems kind of clueless, rather, almost out of touch with herself. And judging by what I've managed to suss out about her in terms of what she's told me, she has every right. But she's cute. And her presence is nice, and I feel good when she's around. Yeah. I haven't quite decided what that means; if I want to just be her friend or if I'm, like, Interested In Her, but… There's only one way to find out, right? Just keep hanging out with her.

Franz isn't… Really a friend. More of an acquaintance than anything. I've gotten their phone number, but never texted it. They seem like they could be a good friend, but I've never actually sat down and talked to them aside from when we hang out on my walks. They're good for a quick laugh and they have great t-shirts, though. I have to ask where they get them from, for real. I want one.

Hyacinth may well just be one of the most important people to me on this campus. She's tiny, and innocent, and she communes with the stars. She's a breath of fresh air in a cage, a songbird among hawks, and I'll to whatever I can to keep the world from getting to her like it did to me.

She deserves better.

  • I can't talk to Hyacinth any more.

As for people I don't like… It's probably just pretense but Sam gives me a case of the heebie-jeebies. She just seems so… Violent. I've only run into her in passing, but the stories I've heard about her. Getting into fights. Drawing knives on other students. Just… I know enough about that sort of person to not give them the benefit of the doubt unless they present me with a very convincing argument.

Nathan, on the other hand… Disgusting. Deplorable. A complete moral void. If I were anything like him, I'd have killed him when I had the chance. What he did to Wendy… I will never forgive him for that, I will never forget what he did, and I will never let him hurt another person that I care about again. Even if it means that I have to keep sitting him down, over and over again.


[coming soon!]

XP: 8

Weekly XP: 4

Run/Event XP: 9

  • Troop 327 (LipstickThespian): 5 XP
  • Artemis (LipstickThespian): 2 XP
  • Mads and Chris and SQPR (LipstickThespian): 2 XP

17 Oct 2015: -4 XP, +1 AGI (Moving To Perfection)
30 Oct 2015: -4 XP, +2 All Identity…

Career XP: 13

Funds: $750

  • Troop 327 (LipstickThespian): +$500
  • Artemis (LipstickThespian): +$300
  • Weekly Stipend, 18 Oct 15: +$50
  • Sniper Support for Mads, 28 Oct 15: +$500
  • Donation to LGBT+ Club, 16 Nov 15: -$600


  • None at all!
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