Christian Koski

Basic Info:
Player: KitAlyn
Demeanor: For those who do not know him, he comes off as kind of closed off, uninterested and a little cold. Never the first one to speak up, it takes a bit to get him to participate in group activities or conversations. Usually seen with earbuds in and writing or sketching in a journal
Nature: Once comfortable with his surroundings and those around him, Christian opens up to show his true nature. He is kind and caring, almost to a fault, which is why he takes his time to open up. He is also somewhat of a flirt when he finds a person he is interested in. A slight nerdy streak is also present, especially when he has the option to play video games over socializing.
Description: At 15 years old, Christian stands roughly 6' tall with a thin build and very little muscle tone, bordering on lanky. Black tendrils that always seem to falling over his crystal blue eyes. Large pouty lips seem to be on the verge of a smile but not quite there. One thing that people seem to notice about him first is his alabaster skin, giving hint to the fact that most of his extracurricular activities do not take place outdoors, at least not in the day time.


HP: 7/7
Psyche: 6/6
Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Brains: 4


  • Perception 3(Brains) Being a weak artsy kid gives you a lot of real life training on how to avoid dangerous places and bullies
  • Stealth- 3(Agility) See perception, apply to hiding from said bullies
  • Academics- 3 (Brains) Books and wikipedia are the best friend of someone who enjoys spending their time alone and inside, and trivia contests tremble in his presence.
  • Computers-3(Brains) Spending most of his time either sketching or gaming, can work most programs easily and more advanced ones with a little help or training.

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Hydrokinesis- 4:

Shape Water: Can manipulate and shape water into anything he can imagine up to 10 gallons at a time
Throw water: Can 'shoot' water from an existing source at the same PSI as a riot fire hose.
Water Travel-While in a body of water, he can use hydrokinesis to propel himself at decent speeds , roughly 5 m/s

  • Water Form-3 : Fully become sentient water. If dispersed, it takes a few minutes to pull self together . Clothes and other items do not change with him. Able to breath underwater in both forms.

Movement-Moves at about half normal human walking pace, but can move through the smallest of openings. In water, travels twice as fast as in human form.
Survivor Instinct: When in situations of sudden high stress his body automatically shifts into his water form
Near Invisibility- When in his water form and in a body of water he is nearly undetectable, except when he is moving.


  • Extreme Heat/Electricity/Freezing Temps- (Severe)

-Exposure to extreme heat(over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) for prolonged amounts of time he will go into a sort of waking coma, awake and aware but unable to move. Access to a large amount of water (bath tub amount or more) will revitalize him almost instantaneously however.
-Exposure to high levels of electricity while in his water form causes him to revert to his human form and enter the same state as exposure to high heat.
-Exposure to freezing temps will cause him to freeze, the lower the temp the quicker the freeze. No damage is taken but until he thaws he is virtually paralyzed.

  • Survival Instinct-(Mild) When in situations of sudden high stress, his body shifts into his water form, regardless if he wants it to or not.


  • MP3 Player- Cant be anti social without one!
  • Journal
  • Pen case full of rather fancy pens

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Lots and lots of journals
  • Humidifier always set on high
  • Sewing Machine and all the tools of the trade
  • Piles and Piles of fabric
  • Pretty high end gaming laptop

Personal History:

Christian is one of those people who are simply born into the wrong life. Not a bad life per say, just one that he didn't quite fit into. Cattle farm in rural Maine, not exactly the place for a quiet loner who ran from manual labor. His parents and 2 brothers were all nice enough to him, though they did have issues with his lack of work ethic on the farm. School went fine for the most part, the few close friends he had always watching his back. School and books were one of his safe havens. He even discovered he had a flair for fashion and started helping to make costumes for the theater department. But as is often the case, puberty ruins every teen's life, some more then others.

8th grade, deep in the evil clutches of hormonal change, Christian came to two shocking realizations. First, he liked boys. Not exactly an atom bomb level of surprise however, as there was something always in the back of his mind that hinted at it since he was a kid. But that soon took a back seat to his other big secret which actually came into place because of his new found sexuality.

While staying late after school to get some extra math help, he decided to walk home instead of calling for a ride. He lived a fair distance but if he cut through the woods behind the school, it cut his walk in half. This short cut was used by a lot students, and it happened that on that day, 3 boys from his class also were there.

They stood in the foot path, smoking and talking about some inane subject like girls or basketball. Not wanting to interact he kept his eyes down and walked around them. The largest of the boys, both in height and girth, decided Christian was too good a target to pass up. "Walking home all by yourself homo?"..The first time someone other then himself had said that to him. But there was hate and venom in the words. He knew what was next and without a second thought, he ran.

The three boys gave chase but he was able to find a hiding place behind a fallen tree. Heart racing, sweat running down his face…was he really THAT outta shape? The boys drew closer…damn he really sweating. Looking down at his hands he realized it was not in fact sweat, he was melting! As the boys found his hiding place they were met with quite the sight. A pile of wet clothes and a backpack. With shrugs and mild irritation they continued their hunt. With the threat gone Christian reformed. He was strangely not scared, more upset about being naked. He got dressed and made his way home…confused but still not scared, as though this too was always at the back of his mind.

The next 3 years he spent learning more about what he was. Not only could he 'melt', but he could move while in his water form, it was slow going but he could maneuver through the smallest openings. He could manipulate water, shape it to his will or "shoot" it. And he could breathe underwater. He started to spend large amount of time in the water. Lakes, ponds and rivers during the summer, pools during the colder seasons. He always felt safe there. Most would use these new found abilities to their advantage but it was simply just a part of him…but he was sure it was going to make the rest of his life quite interesting.

2 power points in reserve

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