Callum Ellis

Basic Info:

Player: Knave

Demeanor: Polite, soft-spoken, and terse, Callum gives the impression of a child consciously putting his best foot forward. His courtesy and apparent lack of any selfish impulse tend to seem cartoonish and are often taken for an obvious front.

Nature: Callum's nice-guy act is, in fact, not an act. Mostly. He acts how he was brought up to act, because he's proud of how his parents raised him. However, at the back of it all, in his head, there's the neon sign that only he can see that reads "Fɪᴛ ɪɴ. Bᴇ ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛᴇᴅ. Dᴏɴ'ᴛ ʙᴇ ᴀɴ ᴀʟɪᴇɴ." He really does want to be a good, kind person, but even he can't deny that part of the reason for that is his fear that he's not a person at all.

Description: Positively towering over children his age, not to mention a lot of adults, at six foot and four inches, many people find it hard to believe that the broad, muscular body of Callum Ellis belongs to a sixteen year old. Resembling a buff isoceles triangle, Callum's fair hair is cut practically short, and his skin has a healthy tan from fieldwork and sports. His gentle green eyes look out from a chiseled face, with a strong nose and high cheekbones. Regardless of the occassion, he usually wears blue jeans and a plain white tee.


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 5

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Good Manners (4) (Brains): Mrs Ellis didn't raise a savage. Callum's extremely gentle, polite nature is often very disarming coming from his hulking frame.
  • Sports Star (4) (Agility): Having a place on just about all of Little Springs High's sports teams, Callum's co-ordination and reflexes are well-honed.
  • Handy (4) (Brains): Callum was raised on an old-fashioned farm, and he got a practical education in carpentry, mechanics, and the general fixin' of things.
  • Workhorse (4) (Brawn): A childhood of running around a rural idyll and doing honest work has given Callum a wealth of stamina and endurance.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Adapto-Morphic Biology (4): Callum's inhuman body is capable of reshaping itself on the cellular level. The most basic application of this ability – and the one he's the least conscious of – is his body's accelerated healing and reactive resiliency. As well as regenerating damaged areas, his body can prepare for trauma when it's expected, making his flesh and bones more resistant to damage in the first place.
  • Adreno-Muscular Surge Capacity (4): Callum's body's capability to rewrite itself can also be used to temporarily increase his strength, endurance, flexibility, or reflexes to superhuman levels. However, this limited by his fundamentally humanoid physiology – using this ability either too intensely or for too long can cause major damage to his body through the strain it puts on his skeleton and muscles.
  • Receptive Psionic Field (1): Unconsciously, Callum's mind is receptive to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. While this can give him some muggy impressions of people's emotions and intentions, its only real practical application is alerting him to harmful intentions – something of a “danger sense”.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Glowing Rocks (Mild): In the presence of strongly radioactive materials, Callum's ability to regenerate is halted until the source is removed.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Stocked toolbelt
  • Little Springs High School baseball cap

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Swaddling cloth [Design]
  • Bindle
  • Handful of books
  • Louisville Slugger
  • "Dress" outfit (White button-up and black slacks)
  • Framed photograph of parents
  • Free bag of pixie dust

Personal History:

Nobody knows exactly what it was that fell out of the sky and through the roof of the Ellis barn – or, at least, what it was up until the point it was found – but by the time Jordan and Lauren Ellis found it, it was just what they had been wanting for so long – a baby boy. Being loving people, they were quick to accept the child as their own – it obviously wasn't normal, having crashed through their barn unharmed, wrapped in only a scrap of cloth, but they had so wished to have a child, and here was a perfect, healthy babe, in need of a home. A gift from God, a military experiment, an alien invader, they didn't care. From that night, he was Callum Ellis, and he was their son.

It became increasingly apparent that even apart from his spectacular entrance, Callum wasn't normal. He was never sick for long, and the cuts and bruises accumulated by an active young man healed in hours, even minutes. He excelled in sports, showing athleticism beyond his young age, though despite his friendly demeanour he couldn't seem to stop accidentally hurting other children on the field. Despite obviously being adopted, everyone commented on how he had his father's hair and his mother's eyes.

At age seven, when he casually lifted up Old Man Terwilleger's pickup truck to retreive a baseball in full view of his friends, Callum's parents decided to have a talk with him. They told him that he wasn't from around here, and that he wasn't like the other kids, and how it was probably for the best if he kept the full extent of his abilities private. They showed him the cloth that had swaddled him when he was found – a neatly-cut irregular pentagon of red, an odd golden design of circles and a sunburst emblazoned on one side. Callum took the news remarkably well, and did as his parents asked. His parents noticed with sadness, however, that after learning about his nature, he seemed more distant with his playmates. They wondered, privately, if they had done what was best for their son by telling him the truth.

As their son moved into his teens, they regained hope for him. He seemed to be getting closer to his classmates, he seemed to have a handle on his strength, he was getting good grades, he was partaking in sports, and as always he was happy to help around the farm. It was almost like the three of them could just forget that he was anything other than a normal boy. He even had a little girlfriend to take to the county fair. What parent could worry about such a perfect son? Mr and Mrs Ellis were proud of their son, and most proud of his good heart.

It was his good heart that made him do what he did at the county fair. When the ferris wheel broke down and started coming loose from its holdings, endangering both those inside and those nearby, Callum barely thought about what he was doing before he did it. He stopped it in its fall. He carried it single-handed to an open field and gently laid it down. Everyone was amazed – said he was spectacular, and a hero. He even got in the papers. And that's when the GWU took notice. An operative arrived at the Ellis household before the end of the week to have a lengthy chat, and it was decided it would be for the best if Callum went to Sunnybrook.


Proficient square-dancer.


Not In Kansas Any More - In which Callum arrives at Sunnybrook with Cory and is guided around by Wilhelm.
Turning Red - In which Callum meets Yuki and Cass, and a blush contest ensues
Big Guys - In which Callum meets Bob, and talks about farm life
Callum, The Legendary Journeys - In which Callum meets Pandora, and decides she seems like more of a Katie.
Walk This Way - In which Callum meets Yuki in the gazebo and later takes a walk with her.
Father Moon - In which Callum briefly meets Celeste.
Not Perfect - In which Yuki deals with Callum's angst in the gazebo.
Into the Sunset - In which Callum and Yuki go on a pretty nice walk.
Callum Ellis Takes His Shirt Off - In which Callum and Cass chat in the pool, and Callum takes his shirt off.
Gazebo to Heaven - In which Callum meets and has a pleasant conversation with Sam.
Trinity - In which Callum and Cass pop the question to Yuki.
Anything At All - In which Cass comes to have a talk with Callum and also get him hot and bothered while she's there.
Utter Lunacy - In which Callum takes a midnight walk to clear his head and runs into Celeste again
Gated Community - In which Callum meets Cindaria and they discuss imprisonment, kale.
The Decision - In which Callum gets some solid advice from Sam.
For the Ages - In which Callum reveals the circumstances of his adoption to Cass, and they kind of become an official couple.
Date On Mercury - In which Cass takes Callum into space with the magic of VR. It's really cute.
Like A Sister To Me - In which Callum tries to clear the air with Yuki and is not even slightly successful.
Great Responsibility - In which Cass and Callum establish boundaries, and Cass trusts Callum with a gift.
BASEBALL AND EMOTIONS - In which Callum takes Yuki for batting practise
Can't Save Everyone - In which Sam attempts to recruit Callum for a rescue mission, and he outlines why that's a terrible idea.
Barking Up The Right Tree - In which Callum takes Cass on an admittedly pretty lame date.
Light Reading - In which Callum avoids studying by meeting Jinx.
The Way Things Are - In which Callum talks to Cass about all the little things that bother him, like psychic impressions and the death of innocents.
Bedroom Fantasies - In which Callum comes to Yuki's room for talking and ends up taking her to bed (Spoilers: It's entirely innocent.)
Always The Hero - In which Callum meets a mysterious girl on the roof and is charged with solving a mystery.
Exodus - In which Callum's time at Sunnybrook comes to an end.

Onii-Chan - In which Callum talks with Yuki in the kitchen now that they're arrived at Sanctum.
Birthday Cake - In which Callum helps Cass have a happy birthday.
Bed Intruder - In which Yuki sneaks into Callum's room at night and it goes as well as you'd expect.
Black Tears, Yellow Sun - In which Ellie probes Callum's mind to help figure out his powers.
How To Serve Ghosts - In which Callum befriends Alys and feeds her his blood.
Smile For The Camera - In which Cass and Callum talk like a dumb couple the goofy lovebirds.
High Fashion - In which Cass and Callum continue to be just too cute.
Fifth Sanctum Christmas Party - In which Callum takes Cass to the dance and gets all jealous.
Boxing Day Morning - In which Cass and Callum have important relationship talk.
*Hyena Whistle* - In which Cass and Callum encounter Majala in the pool, and are both insufferable.
Manly Men Doing Manly Things - In which Bob hires Callum to help fix his bed.
Jock With A Heart Of Gold - In which Callum meets Markus, and surprises him by being both interested in sports and not an asshole?!?
Philosophical Food Fondling - In which Callum meets Kir, and fails at teaching him basic manners.
Depth and Widths - In which Callum meets Nora properly in the pool.
Tears for Seers - In which Callum meets Kiria, and the experience is overall pleasant.
Rise and Shine - In which Callum meets Elspeth of a morning and adopts her as a little sister.
Mirror Mirror - In which Callum meets Ana, and talks about Cass with her.
Chrome Purrfection - In which Callum helps Cass build a robot and they talk like a goofy couple.
Aqua Vitae - In which Callum finds Elspeth suffering from a hangover and comforts her.
Valentine's Day, Part the First - In which Callum comes to Cass' room, and, at the same time, Procyon Nine, for a date.
Valentine's Day, Part the Second - In which Callum takes Cass to the pub for a meal.
Angel Wings - In which Callum is somewhat perplexed at meeting Siobhan.
Acting Weird - In which a chemically unbalanced Cass calls in Callum to check if Mads is being weird or not.
Double Vision - In which Callum meets Bobby and Bobby, and acts like a stern older brother.
Poolboy - In which Callum meets Caspian at the pool and they have a fun time swimming.
Break the Bat - In which Callum teaches Nate how to swing.
Hey, Baby - In which Callum helps Cass with their nonsense and they're cute and domestic together.
Men of Steel - In which Callum meets Gungnir on the roof and becomes his sparring partner in short order.

EXP, Etc.:

XP: 20/30
Cash: $1055

  • Power Boost (Adreno-Muscular Surge Capacity and Adapto-Morphic Biology)
  • Moving to Perfection (Brawn)
  • Toughen Up
  • Clear Mind
  • Learning New Tricks (Handy and Workhorse)

$100 on entering Tournament

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