Austin Silver

Basic Info:

Player: Knave

Demeanor: Composed of 65% smirk on a good day, it's easy to get the impression that Austin is a dick, and he'd be the first to agree with you. It is readily apparent, though, that he's not malicious, just too laid back for his own good. Snarky, cocky, unflappable, and affable, Austin is as infuriating as he is likeable.

Nature: A boy of simple pleasures, left to his own devices Austin would skate, eat, lounge, and little else. He enjoys company, but tends not to seek it out. There seems to be nothing that can upset Austin, and nothing he desires.
Of course, he's human, and a teenager. He has sensitivities and needs and wants, they just rarely get in sight of the surface. Moreover, Austin doesn't really know himself any better than anyone else and tries not to think about figuring out what exactly it is that he wants.

Description: Fairly tall for a 15 year old (175cm/5'9" to be exact), Austin is slim, slightly lanky. He has a mop of messy, ash-blond hair completely covering his large ears and long forehead, and beneath his fringe thick eyebrows and soft blue eyes. His nose and face are both quite long, and his jawline sloping and his cheeks almost gaunt. He tends to dress practically, usually wearing combat trousers, plain tees, and thin hoodies, predominantly in earth tones and shades of green.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Smooth Moves (4) (Agility): Using his powers recreationally has made Austin graceful and dexterous. From parkour to dancing - and especially skating - Austin knows how to put his best foot forward.
  • Deft Dodging (4) (Agility): Austin really is more of a lover than a fighter, and when fists start getting thrown, he prefers to get out of the way.
  • Silver Tongue (3) (Brains): Austin has something of a gift for reading people socially, and usually has a good idea of when to press an issue and when to back off, and what buttons to push to get the response he wants.
  • Water Off A Duck's Back (2) (Brains): Very little bothers Austin. He faces insults, taunts, mental prodding, and attempts on his wellbeing with the same infuriatingly pleasant shrug.
  • Swordfighter (2) (Agility): Thanks to Damien's help, Austin knows how to stand and which end to hold.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Friction Control (Personal) (5): Austin can lower or increase the surface friction of his own body or things he's in contact with. This allows him to slide at great speed, squeeze through tight spaces, and avoid taking damage by lowering his body's friction, or stand firm, latch onto surfaces, and tear things apart.
  • Friction Control (Remote) (4): When Austin doesn't have a physical connection to a surface, he can still alter its surface friction to a limited extent, provided its relatively close. The affect he can have on the friction is inversely proportional to the distance, with eighty feet being about the distance at which he can still have a noticeable affect. This ability can be used to trip people up, disarm people, or for more mundane utilities, like lubrication. Not like that though. Perv.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • None, loser. 8)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Signet ring necklace [Design]
  • Messenger bag
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Aviators

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Old laptop
  • Ukulele

Personal History:

Found abandoned as an infant in Silver Terrace Playground, San Francisco, Austin spent his childhood in an orphanage. Though he got along with the other kids, he started keeping his distance after a while. They all left to foster families, while he watched them go. This worsened with the discovery of his powers at age 8, as he neither understood them nor felt like he could talk to anyone about them.
It wasn't until the age of 9 that he was adopted for the first time. He didn't feel like he belonged in his new home any more than he felt like he belonged in the orphanage. At age 15, in his fourth foster home, he decided he wasn't going to stay, and he definitely wasn't going back into care. He filled his bag with provisions and possessions and slipped out of his window under the cover of night.
For a few short weeks, he spent his time sliding around town, carefree and damning the consequences. He felt priveleged, to have his powers and to feel the thrill of zooming across the cityscape unaided. When he started to run out of food, he felt a little less priveleged, and considered turning to petty theft to keep from starving. When a GWU dispatch unit followed up the internet footage of a teenage boy skidding inhumanly around San Francisco, Austin didn't put up much of a fight once he heard there'd be a roof, a bed, and food again.


Goes by "Slick" to an ever-expanding number of people.
Full list of claimed titles and aliases: Slick, Quicksilver, Slicksilver, Slipper, Ashleigh, Agent Mercury, The Sultan of Slide, The Grandmaster of Grease, The Savior of Smooth, The Lord of Lubrication, The San Francisco Kid, Foxer of Foxes, The Human Vacation, The John Henry of the Dance Floor, Tara's Yuki's Boyfriend, Ace Reporter, Cupid's Whipping Boy, Rock Aficionado

Austin's Contact List:
Mrs. Bossman
Goddess of Wisdom
Kitty Cat Co-Worker
Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)


Tutoring Sessions:
Damien Indolen's Swordfighting 101 (+1 Swordfighter Skill, Tier 0)

The Austin Experience (All available logs, in order):
Vote Austin! - in which Austin meets Jon
Campaign Partner – in which Conn helps Austin with campaigning
Tricky Pixie – in which Austin dances with a fairy
Extra-Length Drama Special – in which Austin meets Damien, Sam, and Wendy, and drama occurs (feat. Mads)
Hunters of the Night - in which Austin runs with Danny, James, and Conn
Hunters of the Night – Team Beta Split – in which Conn and Austin are super good at lying
Voice of the Wood – in which Austin murders his ukulele and ponders murder gazebos (feat. Charles)
Damien Indolen's Swordfighting 101 - in which Austin takes up a blade
Historical Intrigue – in which Austin meets Miss De Luca
Interpretative Dance – in which Austin meets, and dances with, Katlyn
Chocolat Chaud – in which Conn brings Austin hot cocoa and kindness
Foxy Lady – in which Austin meets Akemi with mixed results
Conceivably Friendly - in which Austin models for Katlyn and it's totally not romantic
The Return of Austin Silver - in which Austin makes his triumphant return to Sunnybrook, and meets Zita.
Modern Dance - in which Austin meets Tara and boy is it cute.
Mists of Time - in which Austin reunites with Jon and they catch up
Up With The Lark - in which Austin meets Yuki and carries her books
Admiral Ackbar - in which Yuki dresses up Austin like a girl and nothing perverted happens
Austin Just Lucky I Guess - in which Austin pays a visit to Tara and somehow winds up in bed with her and Corylyn
Dance by the Pale Moonlight - in which Austin meets Celeste on the roof and dances with her, because of course he does.
Bro Times With The Bro - in which Austin and Jon hang our and do bro stuff
Dial 'A' for Austin - in which Austin receives the gift of communication from Celeste
Lost In The Moment - in which Austin is given a lesson in seduction from Yuki
Feeding the Cat - in which Yuki brings Austin a packed lunch, and then he dresses up as a cat for her
Feeding the Squirrel - in which Austin takes Tara on the first of their Amazing Dates
Why Did It Have To Be Math? - in which Austin meets Athene and distracts her from her studies
Technically Dating - in which Austin wakes up beside a naked Tara (directly follows Feeding the Squirrel)
Looking For Group - in which Athene, Akemi, and Mary take interest in Austin's campaign
This Is All Fine - in which Yuki asks about Tara and Austin just fucks everything up
My Anaconda Don't - in which Athene tries her best with Austin but look she doesn't have much to work with
Mature and Adult Discussion in the Gym at Night - in which Yuki arranges for a meeting to have a serious talk with Austin
Officially Dating - in which Austin and Tara become officially a couple for realsies.
Exodus - in which Austin leaves Sunnybrook behind with the rest of the students.

The Truth - in which Austin starts his journalistic career by interviewing Cass
Guilty Until Proven Innocent - in which Austin gets a statement from Pommeline
Turn On Tune In - in which Andrey steps up to the plate and tunes Austin's ukulele
California Dreaming - in which Austin reunites with Mads and they do friend stuff
Get The People Going - in which Austin and Yuki's relationship has become subtly awkward
Dumbasses on a Couch - in which Austin hangs out with Brett
Can't Spit It Out - in which Tara and Austin are cute together
Cat Among The Papers - in which Austin meets Momo while keeping himself busy for once
Fifth Sanctum Christmas Party - in which Austin is the best dancer of all time.
Serious Business - in which Austin butts heads with Elspeth over his claimed titles
L-Bombs - in which Austin tends to Tara while she hibernates, and they confess their love for each other
An Interview With A Kitsune - in which Austin musters up the courage to talk to Akemi so he can write an article about her
Awkward Forced Sleepover - in which Yuki goes fully coocoo for Cocoa Puffs and ties Austin to a chair
Strangled By The Red String - in which Yuki's crazy gets some room to really develop and stretch its legs
Ruminations on Love Geometry - in which Austin goes to Cass for help about Yuki, and he helps in only the loosest sense of the word
Prayer for the Slick Ones - in which Maria of Doran comes to Austin for lessons in how to make friends
An Early Engagement - in which Austin hangs out with Jon and finds out about his engagement to Cin
Reality Check - in which Austin gets together with Yuki, and, uh gets together with Yuki
Hot For Teacher - in which Austin interviews Ms Fox about the upcoming wedding, and gets a little flustered
Paradise by the Anime Light - in which Yuki invites Austin to watch anime and they don't watch anime
Chop Chop - in which Austin meets his new co-worker Ellie, and they're both weirded out by Horst
Cooler Than Being Cool - in which Austin rescues Siobhan from the freezer and has ice cream with her
Teeth - in which Austin meets Chloe and hangs out with Athene, in a girls-with-impressive mouths extravaganza
Wetwork - in which Yuki bests Austin in a watergun battle, but Austin wins the water war
Box of Treats - in which Yuki offering Austin some candy turns into a very interesting exchange
Opinions About Things - in which Austin meets Nora and they exchange opinions about school and Harry Potter

XP Etc.:

12/24 XP
T0 Upgrades:

  • Power Boost (Friction Control (Personal) and Friction Control (Remote))
  • Learning New Tricks (Deft Dodging and Swordfighter)
  • Anomalous Generation (???)

$100 spent on entering the Tournament

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