Ashley Babcock

Basic Info:

Player: Foxsatton

Demeanor: Seems like he does not care at all, and appears easy going and down with anything, wears nerdy things to show of his interests to start conversations

Nature: Anti-Social, hates approaching people, but cares immensely for his friends and would do anything for them

Caucasian, black spiked up hair,
black zip up hoodie, blue jeans.
green eyes
somewhat muscular, but by no means has a six pack or anything like that


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 2

Brains: 3


Archery - /3/ Brawn / (Skilled Archer with bow in hand to use when powers are charging, only 10-15 arrows at a time so must use them wisely)

Leadership - /2/ Brains / (Using skills from being part of groups in the past makes him step up and knowing how to command people)

Adrenaline - /3/ Brawn / (When hurt i takes a little longer for Ashley to feel the pain)

Jujitsu - /2/ Brawn / (Skills that Ashley has been taught by his Sensei when he was young, though Ashley is rusty, he can still use it to his advantage)

Dodging - /2/ Agility / (being pretty good at dodge ball translates onto the field as Ashley is decent at dodging most things going at the speed of, well…. a dodge ball

Supernatural Abilities:

Mind Reading - 1 - can very vaguely read what people are thinking, but not very good at it yet

Telekinesis - 2 -able to pick up and move items similar to the way the force works, but only able to pick up things that can easily be picked up in one hand (Like a knife, or a tennis ball)

The Swapping Ability - 4 - Ashley has the power to swap anything with any one other person, or switch between 2 others that are not him. Ashley can switch (body, body parts, personalities, likes, dislikes, powers, ect.) one of the only things he is not able to swap is life with death between 2 people or switching his own powers to someone else.
Ashley's most prominent ability that he has developed the most. however it can only be used every 30 minutes due to having to recharge, witch means whatever is switched must remain that way until Ashley can switch it back


  • can become easily tired after using one of these powers for too long


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Phone
  • Bow and Bag of 10-15 arrows
  • Game Boy Advance with Pokemon Ruby

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Large selection of Retro video games
  • Shelf for the video games
  • TV
  • Computer
  • Varied Selection of Graphic Novels
  • Suitcase Filled with nerdy T-Shirts

Personal History:

Ashley was born on July 5th 2001
however his name was not Ashley at this point, it was Gavin.
Gavin grew up a somewhat normal life, nothing ever really bad or unusual ever happened to him,

in 7th grade he trained in jujitsu for a while to fend off against bullies.
until his sensei had to move, and as for a going away present he received his sensei's bow.

but in 8th grade things began to get strange.
In the middle of the year in one of his classes, he began writing on an assignment, but to his amazement, his hand-righting went from sloppy to nice and cursive in a matter of seconds, after finishing the assignment, he looked over at saw a girl next to him frustrated.
he looked at her paper to discover his old handwriting.
weirded out by this he tried to think really hard about getting his hand writing back, but to no avail.
Gavin having no problems with his new Girly writing style continued his life for the next week, when another thing similar happened again, when he found himself loving a boy band.
fighting his new urges to listen to One Direction, Gavin searched trying to find whoever had his old taste in music.
he tracked down a girly girl listening to Chiptune video game music and thought really hard about getting his likes back, but he could not seem to do it.
After a day of listening to One Direction, Gavin returned to school the next day to try again to get his taste in music back, looking at the girl and focusing on what he wanted, and managed to gain his music taste back.
he then realized that he could switch personality aspects with people by thinking about it, but only once every 24 hours.

throughout the rest of middle-school year he began to strengthen his powers, reducing his recharging time from 24 hours to 1 hour, and beginning to switch more than just mental traits, like body parts and Talents.

after realizing that his powers have began taking over his life and giving him somewhat bad grades due to not being focused on school.
He tried not using them for a while.
After 1 day of not using them, he went to bed one morning and woke up to fine himself in someone else's room, somehow switching lives with a neighbor while sleeping,

Gavin fixed each unwanted swap every morning after that, usually finding that he was switching with people nearby unconsciously, to a point where it was out of control.
during school it would happen randomly and he would have the trouble of even remembering who he was at points.
after graduating from middle school in the middle of summer, Gavin woke up to find that he had somehow switched names with someone across the country named Ashley.
quickly finding his wallet he confirmed his suspicion finding Ashley Babcock, instead of Gavin Babcock.
Ashley packed his bags and began to travel out to the wilderness staying away from civilization to try and control his ability.
weeks turned into months as Ashley went missing for 9 months total learning to control his powers.
gaining the ability to finally have the swapping under control, but also starting to have physic abilities such as mind reading and the ability to move things with his mind.
once he had returned home, he was scolded by his worried sick parents and was told that he needed to learn respect at a military school.
Ashley ran away from home and soon found himself learning about a school for people with magical gifts.
Ashley began his journey traveling to Sunnybrook


hates getting dirty
still has girly handwritting

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