Aile, Daughter of the Sky-Forger

Basic Info:

Player: Nemi

Demeanor: Bright, confident, clever. Prepared for everything. Impulsive. Iffy common sense.

Nature: A smart, pleasant, earnest girl with a fascination for everything albeit little common sense. With great empathy and care for others, her temperament is shaped by a great determination and drive to persevere, and possible obsessive tendencies.

Description: Aile, or Ailikki, is a tall girl of clear Nordic heritage. Some oddities are clear at closer inspection; the bronze sheen to the skin, the impossible metallic smoothness to the hair, the platinum teeth and silver nails.


HP: 11/11

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 4

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Slayer - (5) Agility, Brawn Aile is an excellent Fighter, as befits the daughter of one of Finland's greatest heroes.
  • Golden Heart - (3) Brains Ailikki's pleasant nature and empathy makes her a natural with others. General Social Stuff.
  • Goldeneye - (3) Brains, Agility Perception
  • Daughter of the Forger - (3) Brains, etc Aile has a natural understanding of machines and engineering, and is an excellent crafter at that.
  • Dancer of the Frigid Valley - (3) Agility It's parkour. Yeah.
  • Will of the Heroes - (2) Brains Willpower and stuff.

Supernatural Abilities:

Forge-Borne- 8+3T - Aile can summon, control, and even transmute her body into metal. This is about as flexible as one might imagine.

Song of Creation - 7+3T - As if metal creation and manipulation wasn't enough, Aile has the unusual ability to manipulate and produce sound waves.



List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Andrey Maijala's Cell phone

In Andrey Maijala's dorm:

  • Excessive sound system
  • Desktop PC
  • Synthesizer
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Lots and lots of posters.
  • Gift from Mary: It is a framed full color drawing of Andrey in plate armor, playing an Axe (the guitar kind… get it?) His hair blowing in the wind and a bolt of lightning coming from the top of the guitar. Also in the gift box would be a sheet music copy of the song she wrote for him along with the guitar chords.

Personal History:

Aile is the daughter of Ilmarinen, the sky-forger, creator of the sky and earth, and a dozen other nicknames and titles. The truth of the matter is that Ilmarinen DOES seem to be a powerful metahuman, who passed on his general good nature and powerset onto Aile, whom he crafted of the metals of his home and imbued with his own breath. She was briefly bewitched by the evil hag of Pohjola, Louhi, and only through the efforts of Gungnir was restored to her body and senses.


XP Log: 50

Salon Work: $48/week, $240 so far

+2 XP, +$500, Red's TEE VEE Mission (1/30/2016)
+1 Skill (Parkour) - Training with Bob, (1/31/2016)
+2 XP, +$500, LT's SPORTSSSSS Mission (3/31/2016)
+3 XP, +$500, Knock Knock (4/29/2016)
+2 XP, +$300, Orientation (5/8/2016)
+1 XP, +$200, Under Haven (6/16/2016)

T0 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Forge-Born, Song of Creation)
4 - Growing Skills (Slayer, Dancer of the Frigid Valley)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Agil)
4 - Gettin' Tuff (+2 HP)

T1 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Forge-Born, Song of Creation)
4 - Growing Skills (Slayer, Dancer of the Frigid Valley)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Brawn)
4 - Gettin' Tuff (+2 HP)

T2 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Iron Maiden, Oomph!)
4 - Growing Skills (Never Scared)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Brawn)
4 - Psyche Up (+2 Psyche)

T3 Expenditures:

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