Amaranth Purcell

Basic Info:

Player: Weeendigo

Demeanor: Calm and detached, Amaranth isn't particularly interested in making friends. After all, people are annoying and tiresome. Amaranth would much rather be reading a book or browsing the internet.

Nature: Despite her solitary and anti-social nature Amaranth desperately wants to be loved and cares a great deal about what other people might think of her, even if she doesn't let on to that fact. People willing to tolerate Amaranth and get past her defenses will find a caring and devoted friend.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 1 2002

The first thing most people notice about Amaranth is her vivid green skin. Followed by her almost comically hooked nose. Less subtle, equally striking, are her high cheekbones and pointed chin. A little above average height, Amaranth is painfully thin and awkward-looking. Her black hair is kept long and parted down the middle.


HP: 7
Psyche: 6

  • Brawn 2
  • Agility 2
  • Brains 4


(4) Arcane knowledge (Brains) - Covers Amaranth's knowledge of magic and it's workings.
(3) Avoid (Agility) - Dodging or tumbling out of the way of danger.
(3) Perception (Brains) - Covers Amaranth's ability to notice the hidden or not immediately evident.
(2) Willpower (Brains) - Covers Amaranths mental fortitude and the ability to resist unnatural mental influence.

Supernatural Abilities:

(3) Toil and Trouble - Amaranth's favorite talent. Through the use of natural ingredients Amaranth can create a variety of powerful effects. Love potions, healing balms, bomblets of fire, and icons of ghost-sight are all well-within her capabilities. Potions require complete consumption, which expends the concoction after a single use. Icons, necklaces, and other creations that are not meant to be consumed lose their potency after a time. Usually 12 hours, but sometimes longer for less drastic effects.
(2) Hex - Amaranth's dark and secret art. After a short ritual Amaranth can inflict deleterious effects on those she wishes to suffer. This ranges from something as simple as hair loss to actual bodily harm manifesting itself. These rituals can be shortened for emergency use (self-defense) but the manifestation is far more wild and unpredictable.
(1) Hedge Magic - Amaranth knows a number of minor little tricks that she can perform without preparation. The most impressive of which is the ability to fly when assisted by a broom. Other uses include moving objects no heavier than 2 pounds, slight superficial alterations to inanimate objects, displays of light and color, among other less commonly used abilities. These effects rarely last, and are never dangerous. Even if they might appear that way.
(1) Clairvoyance - Amaranth seems to just know things. Things she shouldn't have any idea about. This is thanks to an odd "extra sense" that allows her to see and hear things even when not present. Primarily used when Amaranth is bored, or has taken special interest in someone. It may also trigger involuntarily when her emotions are heightened. As Amaranth tends to use this ability frivolously, she has not cultivated it as well as her other talents.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

  • The possibility of Amaranth blending in with the outside world is almost non-existent outside of Halloween. Even then, close observation would likely reveal the true nature of her green skin.
  • Amaranth is little more than a green-skinned young girl without spellcasting components to supplement her powers. Though she is not entirely defenseless.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Laptop - Christmas gift. Not top of the line, but can play some recent PC games and has a decent harddrive.
  • Smartphone - Several generations old. In nearly perfect condition despite it's age.
  • Knife - Small and nearly useless as a weapon. Primarily used to collect local flora for spellcasting components.
  • Spellcasting components - Small pouches and sacks containing herbs, powders, and other exotic items necessary for her spellcasting
  • Earbuds - For listening to music and drowning people out.
  • Miscellany - ID, pocket change, debit card.
  • Backpack - Something to carry it all in. Green, well-worn, and missing one zipper.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Straw broom - worn, but still usable. Made by Amaranth when she was 12 with the help of her mother.
  • Cauldron - A large stone cauldron. Used in spellcasting, but too heavy to carry around with her.
  • Uniform - A long black robe and matching wide-brimmed hat. Worn only on important occasions.
  • Clothes - Enough clothes to make it through the week with no repeats. Clothing tends to be more comfortable and functional than fashionable.
  • Books - A small collection of tomes, fantasy novels and other books she's acquired over the years.
  • USB drives - A collection of moderately-priced USB sticks containing pdf copies of supernatural tomes, PC games, music, and other odds and ends. Roughly 240 GB worth.
  • Favorite blanket - a large fuzzy blanket with lunar iconography. Blue and white, with an orange stain on one corner. Amaranth has owned this blanket for years.
  • Purse - Old, leather, and smells a bit on the inside. But functional. Used as an alternative to her backpack.
  • Personal hygiene products - the works.

Personal History:

The circumstances surrounding Amaranth's childhood were anything but normal. As a child born with green skin she was isolated from the rest of the world. Together with her mother, and the eight other women that made up their coven, Amaranth lived out the majority of her life on a small, secluded commune. As the only child, Amaranth was nearly smothered with motherly protection and affection. They taught her everything they felt she needed to know. From the basics of US History, to how to fly a broom. Once she was old enough she began to take on chores around the commune. At first it was simple things. Drying dishes and carrying buckets of berries back to the house. Though as she grew older she began to contribute in earnest.

As Amaranth grew older her family noticed a change come over her. When not working Amaranth would seclude herself in her room and read for hours on end. The gift of a laptop for Christmas didn't help matters. In fact, it seemed to make things worse. Amaranth also grew moody, and would snap at her family for even minor infractions on her solitude. Something had to be done. For an entire week the coven convened in secret to discuss what to do with the girl. It was Hypatia, one of the oldest members of the coven, that proposed the solution they finally settled on.

It was obvious that Amaranth's isolation could not continue. She needed to be able to interact with people her own age and experience as normal of a life as they could give her. So decided, Hypatia and the others approached Amaranth about enrolling her in the Sunnybrook Academy. A place where she could learn and grow surrounded by students just like herself. Amaranth was apprehensive, but eventually relented. She was no more happy with her situation than her family was.

Three days later a representative from the GWU met with the coven. The man seemed nice enough, and Amaranth had to admit that he painted a nice picture of the place. Though she was suspicious of their motives for helping her. Amaranth was surprised at how quickly things moved from there. The next day a car arrived, and after some tearful goodbyes and last-minute panicking Amaranth set off for the Sunnybrook Academy.


- Suffers from "resting bitch face."
- Secretly loves romance novels.
- Loves Chinese food.
- Wants a familiar.

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