Aryn and Alys
Like 'Irene', like 'Elise'

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves — a special kind of double. ~Toni Morrison


Player: Nemi

Demeanor: Death can't take you down. Aryn seems cheerful, energetic, positive and all around seemingly the opposite of her sister. Though sometimes curt, and painfully blunt, Aryn is smart, pleasant and also capable of amazing snark.

Nature: So much of Aryn's personality is a simulacrum, a recreation of Alys but modified to fit their father's idealized view of his favored daughter. On the inside, it's nearly impossible to say what the actual Aryn is. There's lots of echoes of betrayal, of terror, pain, and hatred, but they're buried under neural patterns forcefully put in place of Aryn's own.

Description: Aryn looks to be a roughly 16-year-old girl with dark tan skin and slightly wavy, high volume dark brown hair. She has a fit but soft build- subtle implication of abs, broad but rounded off shoulders and hips, and so on. Her large eyes are a vivid blue. Her generally soft features come to a defined jawline and narrow chin and she usually has a wry smile on her slightly pouty lips. When using a nanite surge, the nanites inside Aryn’s body sometimes will flare up to form glowing blue circuit patterns on Aryn’s skin while also making her eyes glow. She tends to dress in whatever Alys suggests fits her best.

Her voice is pleasant and chipper, even if her words are not. Her voice gains a powerful resonance and electronic reverb when under a nanite surge.

When bound together with Alys, Aryn’s circuitry and eyes turn blood-red.


«As the physical reel unspools
& unspools & you blink
In a dark
Room narrow with shadows
Narrow shadows like avant-gardes»

Player: LipstickThespian

Demeanor: Death can turn a person very, very sour. Being brought back from it doesn’t do much for a soul’s health. She is curt and insulting and often comes across as a bitch. If it weren’t for her sister she might not find a reason to mince her words as much as she says she does. She can be caught staring and becomes angry sometimes when people treat her like anything other than her old self. Which is often.

Nature: Why can’t her sister do as her Father ordered? Hatred controls her and her need for blood doesn’t make her less of a cruel person. She is a vile soul that is self centered and never finds a reason to be content. Why her? Why?

Description: Roughly sixteen years old, with soft tan skin. Her black hair is frayed and wavy and never seems to be without split ends. Built lithe and without much muscle tone she is slightly underweight. Her large eyes are a deep wine red with slightly gaunt features that seem to never wear makeup correctly. Most days her expression is plain and without much emotion to it, though when her touch to the shade grows strong there is a slight red pulse to her veins. She usually wears tight dark jeans and an untucked plain color button down. Her clothes always seem to be a little ill fitting and frayed, she often demands Aryn dress up in her place. Oh, the fact she is sometimes slightly transparent doesn't help normalcy either.

HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3

HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3

  • Optimization: Cardiovascular - (4) Brawn Biological improvements lead to far greater durability, strength and endurance than one may expect from Aryn's form.
  • Optimization: Neurological Process - (3) Brains A perfect daughter needs a perfect brain. Rapid calculation, acquisition and indexing of data means that Aryn has great memory, ability to calculate all sorts of vectors in real-time, and generally is way smarter than she needs to be.
  • Optimization: Skeletalmuscular - (4) Agility Additional physiological augmentations allow for exceptional acrobatic ability.
  • Engrams - (4) Agility What good is an optimized physiology without the ability to use it? Aryn is regrettably skilled in violence.
  • Incorporeal - (4) Agility When you aren’t bound by the realms of gravity and mortal constraints, you have the ability to dodge and skip around with ease.
  • Occult - (4) Brains Walking the shade gives one knowledge of the horrors of the world and a grasp on the dark arts.
  • Cursed - (4) Brains) Blood marks have left her without a body, but they have left her mind strong from the strain it has been through.
Forever Apart (3): Aryn is highly tech reliant, and as the intended host for Alys, would have been an ideal physical form. However, Aryn’s soul wasn’t severed during their father’s ritual, and instead cemented so thoroughly into its body that Aryn actually serves as anathema to anomalies. Aryn’s presence makes anomalies act strangely, and this ability can be focused to counter, shut down, or cause malfunctions in anomalies. Alys, however, is entirely immune to the effects of this strange anti-anomaly aura, as is Aryn.
(Mechanically, allows for interception of anomalies or actively contest an anomaly roll to make it fail or misfire)

Bloodborne (4): Nano: 4/4
Aryn’s body has been hyper-optimized and reforged by the nanite infusion that, carried by the blood, has suffused every tissue. This has a few obvious benefits: Extremely rapid healing, alteration of tissues on demand (steel-hard knuckles for a punch? sure. Tougher skin to avoid damage? Sure.), cleansing of the blood and muscles of toxin build-up (poison, hah!), and so on. Aryn heals quickly without scarring, has seemingly limitless stamina, doesn’t get ill or suffer any common ailments, and so on. Moreover, the nanite infusion allows for more strange abilities, so long as they don’t change Aryn’s shape from the defined format or detach from her body. Examples of this include the extrusion of arm blades or tools from the body, the ability to adhere to surfaces to allow for climbing or walking on walls and ceilings (or, for that matter, just holding onto something), perfect balance, hardening of skin to intercept incoming impacts or prevent cuts, even the ability to interface with machines manually.

Forever Together (3): Bound to this world, and to Aryn, through a ritual that called to the old Gods for their blessing through the shedding of blood. This sacrifice cost many, but most of all it cost the two sisters everything. She is bound completely to Aryn, tied to her through marks that burn the eyes and words that no mortal could speak. It allows her to linger in this world but she may never truly live again in any tangible concept. For her, she walks in the shade and exists only as a guest and the dutiful companion of her sister.

Alys may slip into Aryn and try and assert her place as the true soul of the sisters. This causes her blood magic to course through Aryn’s form and give her the true power that their father sought for his chosen daughter. However, their souls are in a constant contest for supremacy and neither can truly win out. As time goes on, it begins to morph to something that neither wishes to see to completion.

When bound, Alys’ hold over Aryn’s mind rears itself in her actions. If Alys agrees with an action, Aryn will garner a modifier of halfpower rating to her action. However, if Alys disagrees with the action, Aryn with garner a negative modifier of halfpower rating to her action

Drawing blood when Alys is inside Aryn, as well, gives her a modifier of plus one to her strength for minute. Whose blood, it doesn’t matter.

Blood Sacrifice (4): Alys is not for this world. She exists in the shade and draws her power from blood. These are her curses, that which binds her and controls her lack of life. This power all comes back to the blood used to bind her, and relies entirely on it for her use.

Her Ritual Offering - 8/8
This can only be replenished by Aryn shedding blood, her condition is tied to how much she holds. She may hold as much as twice her power rating at any time. She must draw from this at a rate of one a day to continue her fleeting place in the shade.

Blood Bound (Severe Weakness):
Aryn remains bound to Alys. If Alys’ binding fails as a result of her Blood reaching 0, Aryn will enter a state of Dissolution, suffering 1 Mental damage per day, the rate doubling each day: i.e., on day two, 2 mental damage. Day 3, 4. And so on. Aryn can feed Alys blood- either her own or that of others- to ensure that her Blood pool remains at least at 1.tyhC2nm.png
Blood Bound (Severe Weakness)
If her Offering goes empty, then Alys starts to unravel. She will begin attacking Aryn pointedly, fighting her and screaming at her. Losing one mental health a day that cannot heal until she gains more blood.

As she is marked to Aryn, she can't wander more than the diameter of her binding circle from Aryn, which is three meters. If she goes beyond this she starts to be torn from this plane of existence.

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  • A phone!
  • And naught else..

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • But nobody came..
“You will go on to do great things,” Father would say to Alys.

“Why do you do such things?” Father would say to Aryn.

Sisters, fraternal twins born late one night to parents who saw the world in them. Their Mother had been so happy to have such healthy and bright girls. She would spend time with them during the day, showing them the beauty of life. They grew as one, spending every moment together. Their Father was the one who would play the game of favorites. He would be short with both of them and set them to bed early.

As they grew older they grew apart slightly. Where Alys was outgoing and social, Aryn had a habit of staying inside and focusing on her work. School drove wedges further as social cliques and teams formed them. At home it became apparent the order of things, Father would congratulate Alys on making first chair with her violin. Where Aryn’s achievements in volleyball were only met with a stern nod.

Being the favorite, however, was what make it all unravel. Alys would spend evenings with her father in his study doing her schoolwork and he would help her through it before setting about his own work. That work, something he worked with his whole life, that only Alys was around. It seeped through his equipment. A rare viral strain that his lab was investigating as a source for their work. It was only one evening of trig homework, she knocked over his briefcase and put everything back in before he noticed.

The next day, Aryn came home from school with a black eye. She had won the fight but ostracized half the grade. Her Father was too busy yelling at her to notice Alys for once. The day after, Aryn was suspended from school for fighting back. Her Father told her she would be grounded for the rest of her life, and was too busy to notice. That third day, Alys collapsed in the kitchen.

Her body was being lost to her as the virus took hold. She was aware of it as she lost control of her muscles and her body functions. The Hospital had never seen such a thing before, but her Father had. The symptoms were known, the was his Daughter would die was something he had studied. Aryn stayed with her sister everyday, she would talk to her even once the girl couldn’t speak back. Until one day Father came and found her, instead of her sister, and took her with him.

“You’ll do such great things,” he said to them both.

Strapped down and cut into, the metal and the machines put into Aryn’s flesh. Screaming and fighting against her restraints as for once her Father was there for her. All of his research brought to bear as he tried to give his daughter a new life. A better life, and a perfect life. At the expense of Aryn.

Alys passed away late in the night, her body was taken shortly after. Brought to his lab and set as the last piece of his work. A mixture of technology and the occult. Of science and the dark arts. Symbols drawn with her blood and Aryn there, strapped down on the floor next to her dead sister. A promise was made to things not known, an offering placed on its altar.

Aryn was, and had been, a chance for their Father to give his favorite daughter Alys a new life. Designed and constructed into a shell for the girl’s soul to live on in and be, as one, his perfect daughter. Souls are such fickle things, such strong things that resist and fight. Aryn would not leave, it was her body, she was not about to be sentenced to the abyss beyond. Alys, she settled in the host. Their souls intertwined and for the first time since they were born they were together.

When she was expelled, they were together forever.

They were contained, surely, there were tests and the two were closely kept. Aryn a new self, one that was grasping onto the last bits of her humanity. Alys a tortured soul, trying to find life in this world.

It was a year after the ritual that the facility was raided, the two taken and kept inseparable. Destined to Sunnybrook, and without their Father.

But nobody came.
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