Alfina Aaralyn

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: When she isn't overcome with emotion, she's very timid and reserved. She might flee somebody if their greeting is too strong, worried that they might end up setting her emotions off. Sometimes though, this reaction will be enough to trigger her emotions (isn't life *funny* like that sometimes?)

Nature: A gentle caring girl, Alfina is willing to help anybody with anything and is consequently very submissive to others, especially their requests for help. She's also one to stop and smell the flowers (having once done so for 45 minutes), enjoying the simple pleasures of life, such as domestic chores, nature & helping others. She is also extremely introverted, not able to handle more than one person at a time unless she's very close with them. All in all, she's very old fashioned. This would be it if weren't for her power throwing her emotions up to 13

Description: although she's 16, Alfina has a Small figure at 4'10 and 90lbs, and her demeanor makes her seem even smaller. She is almost always wearing one of her identical odd (modest?) dresses (see picture). She has a soft face, large eyes and a small, supple bust. Her hair is normally blonde and her eyes brown, but those can easily change to suit her emotions better. She wears her hair fairly short at the top, with bangs and frays that work together to frame her face, and two long, thin frays that go from a scrunchie at the back of her head to her knees.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


Stealth 3: not wanting to be noticed makes this a practical necessity. Obviously helps with not getting noticed (agility)
Acrobatics 3: Alfina is flexible. This may or may not be due to the fact that she's always curling up into as small a ball as she can (agility)
First aid 3: Alfina's hurt herself far more than she cares to admit, and has subsequently bandaged herself far more than she cares to admit(brains)
hitting things 3: Alfina has thrown more punches and more sharp objects than most people her age, although most were against inanimate objects. (affects all attack rolls? Brawn)
Endurance 3: Alfina's run from her problems a lot. For a long time. (Brawn)

Supernatural Abilities:

Emotional Manifestation (3): Alfina will have various manifestations of her emotions. These include a tangible change in the air around her, the changing of her hair and eye colors, graphics spurting up around her head and even sound effects.
Empathetic link (4): Alfina can link another within a short distance to her emotions (or vicea-versa), causing both to feel the same thing (at about 80% strength). this link will maintain indefinitely unless specifically stopped or the two leave range of eachother. She also cannot force the receiving end of this power onto another, it must be consensual. However, Alfina can cause 'secondary feelings' (assuredness, hunger, arousal, etc.) in a target without feeling it, nor consenting. Even without this connection, Alfina can still tell the basic surface emotions of another by looking at them. She can attempt to obtain the full emotional range they're feeling (without effecting her own emotions), including things they don't know they're feeling, by rolling. (If the target does not actively defend, Alfina must beat 1 1/2 their brains, rounded up)


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.
SEVERE: Alfina has no control over her emotions, and they tend to be far too reactive, which regularly results in her doing something rash. Her mind is also frayed by such extreme emotions, giving her a -2 on all skill related rolls when she's in a severe emotional state


  • bandaids
  • smartphone

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • several dresses
  • Stuffed animals
  • Incenses
  • a small bookshelf containing mostly cookbooks, comedy and romances

Personal History:

For as long as she can remember, Alfina has been give odd looks for her emotional sensitivity, whether it be her uncontrollable crying when she first saw a sad movie, her attempt to murder the boys who teased her in 2nd grade, or her squeeing in joy far too often, there were always been whispers behind her back theorizing what was wrong with her, which certainly didn't help ease her emotional troubles. Things slowly built up until it finally exploded in her first year of middle school, where she fled the building in a cataclysmic state and refused to come out of her room for weeks. During that time, her powers came in.

Fearing more torment for this, she became reclusive, not wanting to be even more of an outcast than she had already made herself. She tried to keep her emotions under wraps, but she just couldn't. Eventually, she once again snapped, her power setting the offending party on fire. Her friend Melissa immediately gave her every trick she knew of to help Alfina deal with her emotions, but that didn't last long before the GWU found her out and took her away.


Birthday is August 7th
Can't resist the smell of strawberries
Favorite color is lavender, but her favorite flower is tulips

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