Akemi Kimura

朝美と暁美 (木村 朝美)

Basic Info:

Player: Kioku

Tier/Artifacts/XP: T5, A5, 14xp

Demeanor: Friendly, flirtatious and extremely approachable, Akemi seems like the perfect person to ask for a hug when you need it, and spill all your troubles and worries to. It would also be all too easy to slip and tell her a secret without even realizing it - she's just that trustworthy and easy to talk to!

Nature: Flirtatious, mischievous and friendly, she practically consumes affection, love, admiration and desire - usually that she herself causes through simply existing. Akemi is a spirit, a kitsune specifically, who usually occupies a construct body made from her own self image. She secretly wishes for all of the world to know of and love her one day, preferably for simply being herself - though she is quite skilled in the realm of gathering positive publicity and making herself the center of attention.

Akemi's subtle social cues, body language, tone, inflection, heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, and even scent, will alter themselves to better attract others due to her inner nature. She's able to pick up on all of these things subconsciously in others, as well as taste emotions, and has an instinctive sense of what others like and dislike, and what will draw them in and make them like her. She's very good at making others respond to her favorably, and almost every social interaction she makes, from speech to how she moves, is laced with subtle flirting that slowly sneaks into others' senses and catches their interest even if they don't realize it.

Description: Super short version: She's 5'7" with black hair, violet eyes, and most probably the most stunning smile you've ever seen. She's very possibly the most attractive girl in the world by most standards, including when compared to other anomalous beings, to the point where she has a universal appeal that transcends normal preferences. Her power encourages others to feel at ease around her and to want to be closer, while her touch amplifies those feelings and can eventually cause addiction to being around her.

Longer version:
At 17 years old, Kimura Asami (who thinks her name is Akemi) stands 5'7" and is just under average weight for her size (at about 135 lb). She has chin-length straight black hair and vivid, mesmerizing violet eyes set on a heart shaped face that usually holds an inviting smile. She's often seen in darker shaded outfits, commonly consisting of black or various shades of violet. When wearing short sleeves, she often has black fingerless fishnet gloves on her hands extending to the elbow, and sometimes she wears a violet hair clip on one side of her head. A satchel or book bag crossing her torso from shoulder to opposite hip and clipped there to avoid swinging around is also a very common sight, and she's significantly more likely to wear skirts than anything else on her lower body.

Akemi's form is dictated by her self-image, and her appearance is transcendent, completely unmatched and far outclassing even the most beautiful sidhe or angels. A single look seems to draw you in, make her seem all the more trustworthy and approachable, though often unattainable. This goes beyond normal preferences, giving her a universal appeal that may be confusing to those who wouldn't normally go for females and invoking the 'if it's you, it's okay' sort of mindset. All of this is enhanced by an incredibly subtle aura that she gives off, though it's possible for it to be released more fully if she wishes.

Akemi speaks English with a light Welsh accent, and it's visually noticeable that she's half Japanese, half British, with the best features from each, mixing in a way that compliment each other, though the Japanese features are a bit more prominent and readily apparent.


HP: 11/11

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 2

Agility: 5

Brains: 6


  • Freedom (4) Agility ((Her version of Parkour; Flexibility and Run+Climb+Acrobat/Gymnast))
  • Martial Arts (1) Agility ((Melee Attack, Thrown Weapons, Melee Defense))
  • Dodge/Reflexes (6) Agility ((Agility Defense+Initiative+Reflex/React))
  • Stealth (4) Agility ((Sneak+Infiltrate+Shadow))
  • Perception (4) Brains ((Notice+Social Detect))
  • Artifact Design / Magic Analysis (4) Brains
  • Research/Academics (1) Brains
  • Endurance/Toughness (2) Brawn


Skill Replacements from Powers

  • Persuade (7) Brains ((Made Of Love gives essentially the Persuade skill (Convince+Mislead+Overall Social) and Social Perception))
  • Mental Defense (7) Brains ((Spirit Nature adds rating to Mental Defense rolls))

Supernatural Abilities:

Made Of Love - 7 - "I could make you care…"
Akemi can sense, manipulate, create, inspire and direct the emotions of others, showing the most skill and preference when it comes to love, lust, devotion, desire and so on. She picks up on the likes and dislikes of others, particularly what will most attract them to her, and makes use of the subconscious understanding she receives when interacting with them (Persuasion skill replacement). She can make others feel what she wishes regardless of their nature, or whether they're normally capable of feeling them; she's able to create emotions in any being of any sort, so long as they're capable of at least the most basic sort of thought.

Besides passively sensing emotions from everyone around her and actively being able to manipulate or influence, Akemi gives off an aura of allure due to this power being an expression of her inner nature - the very core of who and what she is. She usually suppresses it to a low level, but even then it makes it nearly impossible for others to feel like she's weird or creepy, no matter what she does, and very difficult to dislike her. It also plays a part in her universal appeal, and gives that last bit of 'push' to make anyone and everyone find her extremely attractive, regardless of their normal preferences. The effects are more pronounced if she pays particular attention to someone, and even more so if she touches them - in fact the touch of her far-too-soft skin alone has been known to, over time, addict others to just being around her. She can also focus her allure into the form of producing unmatched pleasure, localized or through someone's entire body.

Magic Aptitude - 4
Through careful manipulation and study, Akemi has utilized her innate connection with magic to broaden the spectrum of her power and focused it, learning uses beyond what her dark side presented at the cost of sheer number of spells.

Waking Dream - 6
Akemi can induce extremely potent multisensory illusions and hallucinations into the minds of others, to the point where they can completely replace reality for the subject. She can alternatively create realistic, non-mental based illusions that can be perceived by either everyone and everything (including sensors if wished), only a set of willing individuals, or everyone *except* that same set of people (again with the choice whether to include sensors or not). As her power grows, she'll eventually be able to pick and choose who sees these illusions with total specificity, but for now the choice is among these groupings. The illusions can affect any and all senses, and all at once is just as easy as a single sense.

Spirit Nature - 7
Akemi is, in fact, not human; she is a kitsune, a fox spirit. This strongly impacts many aspects about her, and lets her do a few things no human should be able to. As well, a part of her mind forced to split by the dichotomy of her former humanity and emerging nature, in combination with her already questionable mental state gave birth to Asami. Once seen as her twin sister, but now a representation of her inner self, she guards Akemi's mind jealously and manages many subconscious aspects of Akemi's powers.

Lust's Predominance
Akemi has accepted a powerful spirit of Lust into herself, allowing it to both tempt her and aid her. She takes -2 Mental Defense against lust effects and influence that's built on or aided by desire, but also gets +2 when using her powers to cause or manipulate lust or pleasure.


Secondary Natural Effects

  • Akemi's inner nature allows (and makes) her change her own subtle social cues, body language, tone, inflection, heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, and even scent in order to better attract others. Some part of her also notices all of these things in others to gauge how they respond to her and tell this part of her how to adapt and what works. If she's devoting more attention to someone, she'll better adapt to their likes and do things to make them respond to her more, and if she's touching others, she can get a far better read… and also add touch to the mix of what she influences them with, along with all their other senses and subconscious reactions. Because of this aspect of how she socially operates with others, most people will be more than willing to simply not notice her strangeness or think of her as creepy in the long term. Her power to taste some emotions also comes into play in helping her better match to someone.
  • The very essence of Akemi's being is infused with emotion that very faintly radiates out to those nearby, so faint to do essentially nothing but make searching for her through an emotional read able to find her without encountering Asami, but possibly causing feedback of pushing what she radiates onto them - and to be essentially undetectable otherwise. When having her emotions or mind read, possessing someone, manifesting her spirit nature, or in very intimate situations, the radiation grows much stronger and becomes comparable to an aura power. It encourages others to find her very attractive, like her, trust her, feel comfortable with her presence, and want to become closer to her. Those she gives her attention to get an increased dose, and those she touches get an even further increased dose - no length of time in contact with her is uncomfortable or 'too long' for many, and even those who actively want to dislike her find it difficult under her touch.
  • Akemi's nature affects her body's physiology in subtle ways, largely because of her many transitions to her spirit form - that keep being able to get longer each time. She doesn't and can't scar, and external damage to her body *appears* to heal faster. She always smells pleasant, and scents of soap or other things that get on her skin fade away quickly. Her skin doesn't tan or pale from its natural shade, and her musculature has altered itself ever so slightly to make her natural movements more graceful and eye-catching. In truth, this is because her spirit form is her natural state, and her body is actually a subconsciously created construct for her to inhabit, more or less; it's been noticed that hair cut off from her, for example, disappears once she no longer thinks of it as part of her and isn't thinking about maintaining it.


  • Akemi's high sensitivity to emotion also means that she may reflexively react to very strong emotions despite them not being her own if she can't suppress the urge quickly enough. She also has Histrionic Personality Disorder, the symptoms of which cause her to act in ways that tend to make her potentially self-sabotage regarding interpersonal relationships by treating them as more intimate than they really are. Finally, she reacts to perceived slights inappropriately strongly, especially if they come from close friends - to the point that if betrayed, or even pushed away without extreme care to make sure it doesn't feel like betrayal to her, she may be pushed to self-destructive measures. Or murder. Or both. (Severe)
  • Akemi occasionally experiences complex mulitsensory hallucinations, though it seems these were amplified in the past by her uncontrolled illusion based powers, and she's mostly learned to recognize them anyway based on her surroundings and the reactions of others. Additionally, she believes her dead sister lives on in her mind, and she hears her. (Flavor)
  • Akemi takes -2 Mental Defense against lust effects and influence that's built on or aided by desire. (Lust's Predominance)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Several well-hidden yet easily accessible knives
  • About a dozen throwing needles in thigh sheaths
  • First aid kit
  • A rather old flip phone
  • Networkless Smartphone (finally)
  • Custom heavy-duty gloves, surgical mask
  • Reinforced Jacket (+1 Brawn/Agility Defense)
  • Truthseer Glasses (+1 Visual Perception)
  • Flirt Skirt (+1 Persuasion, she's always inherently flirty) x2
  • Clean Air Fan

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Sewing machine
  • Quite a lot of custom clothes
  • Shelf with several books
  • More knives and throwing needles
  • About a year's supply of tea, and everything needed to make it (lasts through Dec)
  • Enough high quality rice and ingredients for sushi vinegar to last through December
  • A deck of tarot cards and a book on their readings
  • A Magician tarot card from Mimalgos
  • Stock of ingredients for spellcraft, including ink, incense sticks and ingredients for sugar glass.
  • Chimeric nails
  • Chimeric feather
  • Pixie Dust x135 (@ 7/30)
  • Silence Ward Stones x8 (set up in room)
  • A book of enchanted spell parchments…
  • Has pre-paid for seafood consumption through end of in-game December (enough to have a bit every day, plus make sushi about twice a week, enough for ~3 person meal each time)

Major Artifacts:

Essence Ring: This beautiful, intricate ring is made up of three thin bands woven together, of silver, platinum, and palladium. It cannot tarnish or deform, resizes itself for the wearer, is nearly indestructible, and always looks perfect. The ring holds a small piece of Akemi's essence, and can shift to exist in a spirit-like form rather than materially. Only Akemi can wear it for more than a few seconds at a time, as it slips itself off of others and returns to her on its own. She can call it back to herself with a thought if it's ever lost.

While Akemi wears this ring, it siphons off a very small amount of the affection she's shown that she'd normally use to sustain herself, storing up to 1 Psyche after a week's worth of her usual routine, plus an additional 1 Psyche for each bond she's made with another, as it draws on them in particular constantly. This can be used for Psyche healing, or in the same ways that her Heart and Soul ritual could use them. The primary function of the artifact, however, is that Akemi can invest 1 XP into it, a piece of herself that stays there until accepted into another willing individual. When someone else wears the ring, they may likewise spend 1 XP to accept a permanent bond that allows mental communication with Akemi when she permits it, lets both parties sense each other's location and emotional state at any range, and lets Akemi jump into her bonded through the link at any time and from any distance.

As well, it allows the recipient of the bond to channel Akemi's power through them twice per day (refreshing at dawn). In this way they can project her allure for up to an hour, get +3 to persuade checks against a single target for up to a minute (or for a single check if particularly difficult request), or mildly influence another's emotions (or get +1 to a mental or emotional influence or suggestion power). Finally, Akemi is able to spend 2 XP to give one of her bonded 1 XP, once per month per person - and feels compelled to do so as soon as possible once a bond is established (effectively shifting the cost of the bonding from 1 per person to 3 for Akemi).

Bonds: Suzy, Athene, Zita, Malissa

Mirror of Memory: This perfectly round mirror, about a foot in diameter, is set in a silver and wood frame with henna-like designs carved into the wood and stained a deep, blood red. It is host to a psionic construct that, when touched voluntarily, can create a fully realistic mental simulation of the user's choice, while blocking off voluntary movement in the real world. It can support several users at once, putting them into the same simulation, which can range from detailed memories, to dreams or fantasies, to 'what if' scenarios and alternate realities or histories. It can temporarily suppress certain memories if so wished on an individual basis, in order to get the full experience.

The mirror's illusion operates with speed similar to a dream, if a little slower due to the exacting details, simulating a couple of days per hour of use. It will nudge occupants out and back into the real world after a set period of time so that they don't starve, but the simulation can be resumed from right where it was left off at any time, provided all involved are present. Keep in mind that the Mirror is still quite limited in what it knows, and thus what raw information it can offer - again, much like a lucid dream might make things up from one's subconscious.

The Second Me: This carefully crafted, beautifully shaped doll could be easily mistaken for Akemi if seen merely as a silhouette, having her exact height and build. The body and joints are made to be flexible, lightweight and durable, so that it can bend in most of the ways that Akemi typically might choose to unless she were showing off or undergoing acrobatics beyond the norm. It is linked to Akemi, but only noticeably so when she channels herself into it, until she exits again; the body's primary purpose is to allow Akemi to exist in both it and her own body at the same time, and control each independently, though it does take a degree of focus to keep things separate, and she can't maintain control of it if overly stressed, or if her real body requires her full attention.

The body itself is primarily made from the heartwood of prunus serotina, black cherry, grown through supernatural means and impregnated with pixie dust and magic-boosting hairs and skin dissolved in Akemi's blood. As such, it has rather high magic conductivity, enhanced by the thin veins of silver that run throughout, the metal kept flexible while the constructed body is inhabited, though allowed to solidify otherwise. Illusions embedded within the body activate when Akemi uses it to give it her appearance, feel, scent, and overall to make it indistinguishable from the real her. She can speak through it with illusory sound as well, and maintaining all of this takes no additional concentration beyond that of controlling the body while only being only half in it.

Personal History:


"Sixteen years, as of October 27th! 170 centimeters, 61 kilograms, and I'll even add my three sizes if you're interested." She giggles again. "Have to know these things when you make most of your own clothes. I like black, purple, dark colors in general. In fact, I think my eyes have my favorite color already, so it's nice to coordinate with them. What do you think?"

Akemi speaks both English and Japanese natively, the former with a faint Welsh accent. She's also learned Dutch, and is learning French, LSF (langue des signes française), ASL, and Italian.

XP, Upgrades, and Currency On Hand:

14 XP
$1465 USD

Tier 0-1:
Power Tutor: Spirit Nature
Skill Tutor: Martial Arts
Power Boost - +1 Made Of Love, +1 Spirit Nature
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Learning New Tricks - +1 Freedom, +1 Reflex
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche

Tier 1-2:
Power Tutor: Waking Dream
Skill Tutor: Artifact Design/Creation
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Power Boost - +1 Wicked Curse, +1 Waking Dream
Learning New Tricks - +1 Perception, +1 AD/C
Toughen Up - +2 HP

Tier 2-3:
Power Tutor: Made Of Love
Skill Tutor: Research/Academics
Power Boost - +1 Waking Dream, +1 Spirit Nature
Moving To Perfection - +1 Brains
Learning New Tricks - +1 Reflex, +1 AD/C
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche

Tier 3-4:
Power Tutor: Waking Dream
Skill Tutor: Endurance/Toughness
Power Boost - +1 Waking Dream, +1 Spirit Nature
Moving To Perfection - +1 Brains
Anomalous Generation (Not counted toward tier) - Essence Ring
Learning New Tricks - +1 Reflex, +1 Stealth
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche

Tier 4-5:
Power Tutor: Spirit Nature
Moving To Perfection - +1 Brains
Power Boost - +1 Made Of Love, +1 Waking Dream
Learning New Tricks - +1 AD/C, +1 Endurance/Toughness
Toughen Up - +2 HP

Tier 5:
Anomalous Generation - Mirror of Memory
Anomalous Generation - Bonding Ring
Anomalous Generation - The Second Me
Anomalous Generation - Bonding Ring Upgrade
Essence Ring / Bonding Ring Merge

Bonding: Suzanne Williams
Bonding: Athene
Bonding: Zita Jasper
Bonding: Malissa Maguire
Transfer: Suzy (10)
Transfer: Athene (10)
Transfer: Zita (4)
Transfer: Malissa (4)

XP History
Weekly x71
RP Bonus x2
Running Runs x1
Training Session (May) x1
Training Session (June) x1
Training Session (July) x1
Training Session (August) x1
Training Session (September) x1
Training Session (October) x1
Training Session (November) x1
Training Session (December) x1
Training Session (January) x1
Training Session (February) x1
Training Session (March) x1
Training Session (April) x1
Training Session (June) x1
Development Series: Reclamation (July) x1
Club Event (July) x1
Creative Writing (July) x1
Development Scene (August) x2
Friendship Week x1
Run: Labyrinth Z (3)
Run: Mayan Mystery (2)
Run: Spain (3)
Run: Saviors (2)
Run: Friendly Competition (2)
Run: EX-Fairy (2)
Run: Jailbreak (3)
Run: Crash Course (2)
Run: Trouble In London (2)
Plot: Deity For Hire (1)
Run: Fireflies Init (3)
Event: LGTB+ Meeting (1)
Run: Troop 327 (3)
Run: Artemis (2)
Run: Light to Shadows (2)
Run: Phantom Tales Triyana (2)
Run: Swirling Swarm (2)
Event: Nguyen-Nguyen (1)
Run: Finding the Pithos 1 (3), (Lust's Predominance)
Run: Magic Peaches (2)
Run: Hel on Earth (3)
Run: The Misery of Mankind (2)
Run: Redwood Ruins (2)
Anti Writing Challenge (3)


There was a time when I knew of love and amity
But it faded like the warmth inside a falling tear
Is it a crime to see fault in our humanity?
Why do we create this cycle of hate, breeding more fear?

There’s a pain deep inside of me
And you’re struggling to stay alive
But if we last I know
We’ll live to see a brighter tomorrow

You long to set the world straight
But you will fail if you wait or hesitate
So, take aim and pull the trigger back
Through every fear that you fight
You’re giving life to a spark of crimson red
It burns bright just waiting to ignite

All I can do for now is go forward. Push on and find the few people who won't hurt me.

//They might have caught my special interest… //

Or they might be friends…

Even if our friendship isn't always *that* close yet.

Some I know, but not well enough to say…

Some I've had bad experiences with, but they'll like me one day…

And some… some must die.

I don't know everyone yet, but one day… one day I'll meet them all…

(Or should I safeguard my heart, secure them, bind them?)
(If they don't care, they'll always be a risk. But then…)
(I could make you care.)

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