Airilonna "Airi" Mitguard

Player: Ashi


Demeanor: Airilonna "Airi" gives off an immediate sense of comfort. When walking into a room, she looks as if she is held with some confidence, most noted in her smile and bright eyes.

Nature: Airilonna is quite prideful of her abilities, unbeknownst to her that she's actually not as great as she thinks she is. Her pride can be her downfall, irritating not only those around her, but herself as well. When she is not meeting expectations, she can turn into a bit of a brat, causing a bit of trouble to those around her. Though she is generally kind and optimistic, those who she thinks are her friends might actually be a little unsure of what Airilonna will do next. Those who decide to stick by her might find a world of simple and entertaining adventures, and a side of Airilonna unseen by the public.

Description: Airilonna is petite in almost every sense of the word. She's 14 years old, and stands at 4'11" tall. Her body is still growing, but likely won't get much bigger by the time she graduates. Being an elf, she has pointy ears that just barely poke out from her bright, yet soft, pink hair that is cut just below her shoulders. Contrasting her hair, Airilonna has bright sky-blue eyes with long lashes. Her skin color is rather pale, but gives off a tinge of a pinkish hue, and is easily sunburned.
When choosing her attire, she generally wears bright colored shirts, blouses, sweaters, shorts, and skirts. In colder months, she will wear jeans more often and accessorize with scarves and hats. A small brown pouch, which is tied around her waist at a lopsided angle, is almost always with her as a means to carry personal items.



HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 1 +2 =3

Brains: 1 +3 =4


I Think I Read That Somewhere; [4 | Brains] Particular to the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and as well as the brain, Airilonna has done some medical studies on how the body reacts to certain levels of electricity.
Optimist's Persuasion; [2 | Brains] Her nature makes requests harder to ignore than most. Not always effective, but she tries.
Mouse Movement; [3 | Agility] Small as she is, Airilonna is quick on her feet and able to reach tight places.
Run Away!; [3 | Agility] Despite being so headstrong and prideful, a fight might not be exactly what Airilonna is looking for. When things look bad, run!


Elven Nature; [1] Being an elf, Airilonna has some natural abilities that pertain to her race. She is a bit more in-tune with nature and the elements, and has basic knowledge of illusory magic, mainly used to hide her physical elven features from the public eye. Due to focus on her electromancy, she has yet to hone much more on this power.

I Know You're There; [3] Easily process-able, entities that surround Airilonna that give off electric pulses can be felt or "sensed". There's no sneaking up behind her, she could already feel you 20 feet away. By the way, your popcorn is done.

Airi-Spark!; [3] Beginning to master actually harnessing the electricity she can feel and generate, Airilonna has learned some basics in being able to actually project it. This has various uses, from being able to turn on or off appliances, re-program them, or even give your devices some charge. Effectively, Airilonna can be used as a portable back-up generator. Someone who finds themselves a little too close to Airilonna may occasionally be left feeling like they'd been rubbing sock-covered feet on the carpet all day. Additionally, she produces enough of a shock to cause cardiac arrest in small animals




Inside her pouch:

  • Smartphone
  • Pen
  • Pocket Change
  • Personal ID
  • Tablet PC with keyboard
  • Few Band-AIDs

Inside her dorm:

  • Dresser complete with many colorful articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories
  • Twin sized bed, usually semi-made with 7 different stuffed animals thrown on top, and two fluffy pillows
  • Her stuffed animals: Rupert , Lulu , Bell , Mitzy , Blue , Blaze , Sir Cornelius Augur III
  • Desk, used for studying and the like
  • Library books that for some god forsaken reason weren't on Kindle
  • Shelf, complete with: Small empty glass bottles, a lamp, a couple packages of lightbulbs for said lamp, bluetooth speaker in the shape of a star, lotion, a small box of what seems to be old make-up
  • Full body mirror next to said shelf
  • Above her desk, a cork board adorned with pictures of her family and the shoreline of California


Airilonna was born and raised about an hour from the shoreline of southern California. For the first few years of her life, Airilonna was unable to go out much due to her elven ears. With the help of her parents, by the time she hit kindergarten, hiding the small point using illusion magic became second nature. She immediately fit in with the other children, always bright, ready to learn, and looking forward. For most of her school life she was seen as a leader, yet her close friends were few and far between.
While her supernatural abilities were always with her, Airilonna wasn't quite aware of them until shortly before she started middle school. As if something sparked (pun might be intended) inside her, she began to control those strange feelings she had always knew were there in secret.
A year or so later, she was processing information electronically almost automatically. Her parents began to notice something was abnormal when the kitchen appliances would seem to start on their own, or if a lightbulb were to burst when Airilonna got upset. After another two years of practice and finally done with middle school, Airilonna had gained some control over her power.
What lead her to SunnyBrook is not unlike many of the other students, she had exposed herself and was taken away forcefully. Perhaps the most embarrassing part of it was the fact her quick temper and a silly arcade game caused this to happen. A summer day at the mall with a few of her close friends, Airilonna and her group were celebrating graduating middle school. With what pocket change they managed to scrounge together, they hit the arcade first. Reluctant, she joined them, and it wasn't long until she became frustrated at the machine she couldn't seem to work as well her friends could. With a loud groan, she had slapped the side of the large console; a couple sparks flying from her hand before the character on the screen whizzed passed the game, getting her name on the high score charts. Though her proud grin she now wore quickly fizzled, along with about 10 other arcade consoles in the room, causing a massive upset with the gamers. In the midst of confusion, her friends began to leave the arcade in a hurry, leaving Airilonna behind as her world faded to black and her head hit the floor.


Sophia: Apparently quite enjoys eating maggots. "Good with books and such", whatever that means.

Crystal: Weak stomach, might like cooking? She can hear people from far away.. best not gossip too much.

Madeline: Also a weak stomach, seems pretty shy.

Sam: She is my girlfriend! I've never had a girlfriend before, but she says I'm doing just fine.. We even said we loved each other! Love feels funny, but it's a good funny. I don't want this to end!

Cloud boy Jon: Convinced he is a cloud that can turn into a boy.

Ice Boy: If ice could talk, it'd sound like him…

Chris: His power is so cool! I think I scare him with all my questions though. He also has a good sense of humor.. for a meanie!

Kat: She's really nice! I feel like she'd dress me up as her doll or something given the chance.

FonyX: He's… so… taaaaall! And wears kitty pajamas! (I want a pair of my own, now…) Really really nice, but is troubled by something in his past. Or many somethings.

Val: Quiet so far… also really tall… is that a beard?

Aiko: She has a power similar to mine! I think I'm going to learn a lot more with her to help me around!


  • Generally Airilonna is a little uncontrolled right now. If upset, she can break a fuse. Literally. Unplug your lamps.
  • Older sketch of Airi by me
  • Airilonna as depicted in AA2: one two three
  • Dorm set up: here (desk, dresser, shelf, bed)
  • Born October 23, 2003
  • Money: $0
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