Aiko Minami

皆見 愛子

Basic Info:

Player: Kioku

Tier/Stage/XP: T5, A2, 17xp

Demeanor: Aiko keeps to herself for the most part… in person. When granted anonymity or working through devices, she'll be more open - though by how much depends on the exact type of environment.

Aiko has started to break through her mask, and while still cautious about people and not really looking for friendship, she's more willing to let it happen if it does naturally.

Nature: Aiko is a true recluse, slow to trust or make real friends, but cordial with those she doesn't feel threatened by. She hates being treated as fragile because of her blindness, but secretly laments how many things she might miss out on or never experience. This is why she aims for adventure however she can, even if it's only simulated - though her background in detective work is the source she finds the most joy in.

Description: Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen year old Minami Aiko stands about 5'5" with a petite frame and pale skin. She has fairly sharp features for a Japanese girl, and genetically-abnormal reddish-auburn hair that falls about chin length when unbound. If one were able to see her eyes, they'd be a pale green… assuming one ignored the scarring and chemical burns on and around them. As it is, she always wears a simple black blindfold, aside from rare occasions when she dons more fancy ones. Almost all of her clothes match, in the form of white, grey or black shirts, black skirts or pants, and either white knee-high socks with black shoes in public, or barefoot whenever she can get away with it.
Appearance Inspiration and blindfold


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 1

Agility: 6

Brains: 6


  • Perception (6*) Brains
  • Research (6) Brains
  • Analysis (6*) Brains
  • Movement Intuit (4) Agility
  • Artifact Design / Magic Analysis (1) Brains
  • Stealth (1) Agility

Skill Replacements From Powers

  • Willpower (7) Brains (Digital Intelligence)
  • Computers (7+1) Brains (Digital Intelligence)
  • Analysis (7+1) Brains (Digital Intelligence)
  • Perception (7+1) Brains (Intuitive Comprehension)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster
Technopath - 7
Aiko can mentally interface and communicate with anything electronic, most notably computers. She is also able to perceive, interpret, and potentially intercept signals in general, even outside of a device. As a more recent development, Aiko can perform basic touch-telepathy with voluntary subjects, but she's limited to sharing sensory information and acting as a bridge to effectively pull others into her reality - she can effectively be a VR translator, and can show memories or recordings in full detail with all senses, as well as receive the same. She's now finally able to maintain a sense link at a distance after starting it by touch, and can use Intuitive Comprehension through another's sight if she chooses.

Digital Intelligence (AKA Bio-Synthetic Mind) - 7
Aiko's mind works like a melding of computer and organic brain, taking the best from each. This manifests primarily as total recall, a 'firewall' and confusing mindscape for those with the ability to access her thoughts, and increased reliance on electrical signals rather than chemical signals in the brain which increases processing speed; as well, she has a very intimate relationship with computers, and can understand them better than anyone else could hope to. (Skill replacement for mental defense and computers, the latter is treated as a power when advantageous.) Most astoundingly, however, is the fact that combined with her technopathy, she can upload her mind entirely into a computer system, effectively surviving physical death. As well, Aiko's memories are immutable; they cannot be altered, hidden, or suppressed by any means, and are always precise and complete.

Due to her mental workings and self-synchronization, this now also allows Intuitive Comprehension to work through cameras as easily as through Aiko's own eyes.

Electrokinesis - 3
Aiko can generate, sense, and manipulate electricity as she pleases. Not much more to say on that.

Intuitive Comprehension - 7
Aiko gains an intuitive understanding of how things and people work if they enter what would be her field of vision if she could see. In the case of anomalies, people with powers and most anything that is animate, Aiko gets a sense of their powers, strengths and weaknesses, and general capabilities, with specificity ranging from a vague notion to pinpoint precision. Aiko cannot turn off this power even if she wants to, but with a cloth or other porous material covering her sightless eyes, it only pierces through if she focuses. Looking at another anomaly or empowered person with this is slightly unnerving for her, and looking at many in a short time span can easily give her a headache.

Intuitive Comprehension has developed to the point of working passively on a low level without taking up processing power, and lets her sense presences nearby and get a basic idea of what sort of presence she's sensing - artifact, anomalous human, supernatural being, etc. As well, her Perception is always treated as a supernatural skill when it would be beneficial, and never takes penalties that would be caused by other powers.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Aiko is blind. She cannot see the spectrum of light, and her powers don't compensate for this without external equipment (even if her honed hearing and sense of touch for feeling out vibrations might). It's not a side effect of her powers, but her Intuitive Comprehension power may partially be a side effect of her blindness - it also prevents her blindness from being fixed by any known means.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Two smart phones, high-end
  • E-reader with her school books, several technical manuals, and a few novels
  • Laptop computer (and backpack for it)
  • A white telescoping titanium cane
  • A niobium chain necklace with Sara's key
  • Clean Air Fan
  • Gloves
  • Reinforced Jacket (+1 Physical Defenses)
  • LAI: Computer Assistant (+1 Computers)
  • 'Better' Animal Headband (+1 Perception)
  • Emergency Stim Pack x1

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Fully equipped queen size futon
  • Desktop computer with the contents of at least two libraries
  • Several changes of clothes
  • Electric tea kettle
  • Rice cooker
  • Entirely too many noodle soup bowls, most of them spicy
  • 3 extra phones

Personal History:

"Fear? No. You're a naive fool, a stranger to the greater, dangerous world. You haven't had a serial killer spare you solely because you were the first to see him in the act, and he wanted the fame. You didn't watch that maniac slaughter your entire family before burning your eyes to ensure his grinning face was the last sight you ever saw. Do not speak to me of fear."

Minami Aiko was always reclusive, so it's only natural that when her family moved away from the place she was most familiar with when she was seven, she only left behind two friends. She never seemed the type to take charge, to become self-reliant, or even to make overt attempts to keep in touch of the world. No, that wouldn't come until much later…

The first step on that path came five years later - it was all over the news. A serial killer on the loose, in the very town that Aiko's family moved to. Her parents and brother were the latest victims.

Aiko was the first person in all of the murders to actually see the killer's face. He seemed so delighted that someone was finally witness to his glory that he didn't kill her - just burned her eyes with a high powered laser so that it'd stay in her memory as her last vision, and then splashed bleach on her eyes afterward for good measure.

The killer was caught, in part due to Aiko's description, but only two months later. He seemed just as happy at finally being caught, at the recognition it brought, as he was about being seen in the first place. Somehow, that didn't seem to matter though… not to the girl who was now living alone, learning to handle everyday life. Not to she who in such a short time learned the hard truth of things.

In the years since then, Aiko moved back to her old home, if only because Rin, the only person she managed to keep in touch with, was there. Slowly but surely, Blind Girl Minami Aiko learned to live with her newfound blindness, adapting to her new situation and starting to become all the things that she wasn't before. She found her confidence and kept herself afloat in funds through investigator work, which she proved to have a knack for, and writing strategy guides for games with the help of Rin.

Her abilities manifested slowly, at first. Although she'd been learning about computers and programming before the attack, she didn't make as much progress as she'd like. A little over a year and a half after the attack, by which time she'd mostly adapted to her new lifestyle, she started to find that electronics came… intuitively. Things she'd never studied, she suddenly understood, and things she already understood were second nature.

Naturally, Aiko kept these abilities hidden - she didn't understand them, or know where they came from, only that they helped her. Tracking down clues became easier. Strategy game tournaments to supplement her hardware budget became child's play. She blazed through study and schoolwork by distance learning as fast as she had been before the attack. And then, she started to see. Not in light of course, but the code, the way everything in her computers fit together, enough so that she could finally read again on her own, so long as the material was in an electronic format.

Three years after the attack, a year and a half after her abilities started to manifest, Aiko decided it was time to get back out into the world in human form instead of just following data trails. She and Rin took a plane to visit a convention in Toronto due to rumors of new VR technology. It was difficult, to say the least, due to the number of people there and the "damn carpets making it hard to feel vibrations."

What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into a nightmare, though. Aiko refuses to go into details about the encounter, and there were no other witnesses besides the electrocuted corpse of a convicted rapist out on parole. She was found curled up against the wall of an alley, shivering but fully intact. Events past that were a bit of a blur, but the next thing she knew, with barely a chance to tell Rin what happened, she was in G.W.U. custody - kidnapped, by her own consideration - and on her way to SunnyBrook…


Key to the Synthetic Heart:
Hung on a materially altered niobium chain necklace lies an indestructible bronze key that once fit into the neck of Aiko's dear friend, Sara. Now it lies as a reminder of everything she is, everything she can do, everything she worked for, and proof of her success. Though Aiko has imbued the key with power in a few ways and enchanted it, most of its power lies in its symbolism to her. It helps her focus, remember what's important, and helps her keep her mind clear of confusion and interruption when she needs it most.

By keeping Aiko focused and helping her get more in touch with herself, wearing the key helps lets her blend her usage of power and skill, blurring the line at times and using one to assist the other. This raises her Analysis skill to equal her Digital Intelligence power, then gives an additional +1 to it, but only works if she's already well in tune - the skill and power must normally be within 1 point of each other.

By further reflecting and enhancing the key, Aiko can further raise her Perception skill to equal her Intuitive Comprehension power, then give an additional +1 to it, with the same restrictions as Analysis. As well, the necklace and key will seriously shock or electrocute anyone who attempts to take them off, and she always knows exactly where the key is.

Aiko speaks Japanese (native), English (required in school and overall useful), and German (a lot of game streamers use it), though her ability with the latter two aren't quite as good, and she hasn't had much practice reading or writing in them. She's recently learned Russian, and is working on Korean - the more you understand, the wider your opportunities, and she wants to have no limits.

Though she still doesn't actively seek out new company or companionship for the most part, and isn't trying to make friends, being thrust into this new situation has made her see the need for, if not attachments, at least allies. She's also become quite curious and wants to understand all that she can about the abilities of these strange people she has to live with for the near future…

Aiko's three sources of revenue before coming to Sunnybrook were detective work, donations from her video game stream, and setting up computers for people.

Her birthday is February 13.

Fluff behind Movement Intuition skill: Works as immediate subconcious interpretation of sensory information, facilitated by her extremely well honed senses and her bio-synthetic mind's heightened processing speed. All told, it means Aiko makes almost precognitive seeming movements in reaction to things, even though she's actually acting in real time. Functionally, it's just the same as a reflex/dodge skill: covers ranged and melee dodge, reflexes, reaction time and initative.

XP, Upgrades, and Currency On Hand:

17 XP
$1578 USD

Tier 0-1: Complete
Skill Tutor - +1 Movement Intuit
Power Tutor - +1 Intuitive Comprehension
Learning New Tricks - +2 Movement Intuit
Power Boost - +1 Intuitive Comprehension, +1 Technopath
Moving to Perfection - +1 Brains
Toughen Up - +2 HP

Tier 1-2:
Power Tutor - +1 Electrokinesis
Skill Tutor - +1 Artifact Design / Magic Analysis
Learning New Tricks - +1 Perception, +1 Analysis
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Power Boost - +1 Digital Intelligence, +1 Technopath
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche

Tier 2-3:
Power Tutor - +1 Intuitive Comprehension
Learning New Tricks - +1 Perception, +1 Analysis
Power Boost - +1 Digital Intelligence, +1 Intuitive Comprehension
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche

Tier 3-4:
Power Tutor - +1 Electrokinesis
Power Boost - +1 Technopath, +1 Digital Intelligence
Learning New Tricks - +2 Research
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Toughen Up - +2 HP

Tier 4-5:
Power Tutor - +1 Digital Intelligence
Power Boost - +1 Digital Intelligence, +1 Intuitive Comprehension
Moving To Perfection - +1 Agility
Clear Mind - +2 Psyche
Learning New Tricks - +1 Stealth, +1 Movement Intuit

Tier 5:
Anomalous Generation - Key to the Synthetic Heart
Anomalous Generation - Key Upgrade

XP History
Weekly x73
Training Session (May) x1
Training Session (June) x1
Training Session (July) x1
Training Session (August) x1
Training Session (September) x1
Training Session (October) x1
Training Session (November) x1
Training Session (February) x1
Training Session (March) x1
Development Scene (July) x1
Club Event (July) x1
Gift! (1)
Information Gathering (2)
Running Runs x2
Run: Doll House (2)
Run: Corpse Havoc (2)
Run: Magician's Lair (2)
Run: Magic Mushroom (3)
Run: Christmas Grinch (3)
Run: Phantasia (2)
Run: The Hive (2)


Lilith Al'Khoury - The second person I met at this school, and the first to seemingly try to befriend me. I wasn't very receptive at the time, but accepted her kindness for what it was anyway. Our relations have been… strained, to say the least, due to her intense bigotry against Sara. I know not whether our friendship can ever heal to what it once may have been, after the horrible lies she spread, and how much she hurt Sara's feelings. I do suspect Jan's influence, considering how close they seemed and how I witnessed him act before leaving.

(Entry 2) - I hope I'm starting to get through to her… I think she may really mean to 'help' me somehow, and my closeness to Sara might be part of th cause for her dislike of the girl. She hasn't really closed off from me, and… being around her makes me a little confused. Less sure. It's hard to stay angry at her, even for a grevious offense, because it seems like she's just lost…

Sara Green - A kind and wonderful girl who deserves only the best treatment that anyone can offer. She's the reason why I have any friends here at all, rather than shunning attachments and trying to leave as swiftly as possible. I first approached her because I was curious and amazed, but that quickly took a back seat to simply wanting to get to know her naturally. She's… she's my best friend in this place, and I'll never give her up.

(Entry 2) - Her rate of emotional and social growth astounds me, as does the rate at which we've formed what I feel to be an unbreakable bond. I can trust her with anything, and she's shown her trust in me with the times she's let me connect with her mind. She's… I was right that she's incredible, but I was so, so wrong about the reasons.

(Entry 3) - I've done the impossible. I've freed her. Nothing can hold her back.

Rose Scarlet - A dualistic personality, both living up to her namesake - blushing blossom and threatening thorns. She's a shy girl, most of the time, and very sweet… though highly impulsive and somewhat reckless. I suspect I may be one of the triggers to bring out the more aggressive and… to be kind I'll call it protective, side of her. She says I'm her first and only friend… and she's in love with me. I don't know how to deal with this information. I don't know what romantic love is…

(Entry 2) - Her swiftness to act before thinking has gradually been tempered, which makes me hopeful for the future. I don't want her to get hurt. Unrelated, I've found that holding her is… nice. Very nice. She's soft and amazing to cuddle. The strong scent on her bed makes my head go a little fuzzy after a few minutes… but that just makes cuddling her feel even better. I'm not sure why. I'm glad that she's okay with just being friends, it prevents a lot of worry and stress.

(Entry 3) - It's sometimes hard to think around Rose, I feel myself getting flustered or dazed, yet liking the feeling and wanting to be near her more. Wakaranai… It's been becoming more and more, I think it has to do with her scent and how good it feels to hold her. So good…

Wendy Strauss - A very, very energetic and excitable girl who definitely has a strong flame in her heart. She's fun to be around, and seems to have a way with making ill moods less dire. I can say I always look forward to spending time with her, because more often than not, it'll result in adventure.

(Entry 2) - She has very quickly become probably my best friend here besides Sara… maybe equal. Rose is pushing for a similar position though, so I may have to re-evaluate the term 'best'. I think that out of everyone here, Wendy probably knows the most about me by now. I really care for her, and I want to protect her… as far as I'm concerned, we've made a vow; a promise to carry onward. I'll see it through.

Eira Skadi - A girl whose attitude makes me smile. She's fun, like Wendy, though I haven't interacted with her very much yet and can't say much more than that. She mentioned that she was in a gang.

(Entry 2) - I think she's become close to Wendy, which makes me glad - she deserves to have more friends. They still strike me as remarkably similar, like two sides of a coin. They work really well together! She's more impulsive and eager to take action than anyone I know, but somehow she manages to make her absolutely crazy plans work. She also does well in discussing said crazy plans before acting on them… a paradox of some sort, I'm certain.

Stella Izayoi - She introduces herself as "Stella, sorta," but I think her real name is something else. My only really memorable encounter with her invovled the horrors of trying to dress me up. She prevented my escape… I think she might be a teleporter.

(Entry 2) - Time manipulation. Not teleport. Just had to get that out there. 'Stella' has proven to be friendly, when she's not trying to dress me, and a fun girl to be around! She's teaching me to cook, which I really appreciate, since the food in question is the sort from home.

Lucette LaGarde - Nervous, kind, and… very self-depreciating. I like her, but I wish she'd stand up for herself more, and acknowledge that she's a worthwhile person who deserves support and help when it comes to her troubles. She worries about her blind grandfather…

(Entry 2) - She and Wendy are both in some sort of relationship with Lilith now, and I haven't seen much of her since the meteor shower… I don't know if the facts are related, or if she's simply too busy. She does have a job in town, after all. I should try to make more time for her.

Jackie Legs - A telepath who isn't afraid to use her powers when she thinks they'll benefit others. Our first meeting was very brief, as was our second, but when her mind was trapped in the body of a bat while her real body recovered from hypothermia, we struck up a friendship based in detective work… even though the cases were very simple and silly, more to amuse ourselves than anything.

(Entry 2) - What she thinks will help… really doesn't. Fortunately, she's receptive to advice and admonishment, so I don't think it'll be a problem again. She really is a nice girl, if a bit over-eager to jump in. And she dressed me up. *shudder* Still, I think I can count her as a friend, even if she's one I don't see very often.

Ju Bao - He has a take-charge attitude, but doesn't pay enough attention to the situation to be a truly good leader. I suspect he may have some kind of depression, based on his actions on the way back from the run we went on together.

(Entry 2) - He's rather well disciplined, and knows how to listen to others as well as take charge. It's an interesting set of traits, and tells me that perhaps he'll grow into a better leader than I first suspected, should he choose that sort of path. I wouldn't mind working with him again.

Oliver Louis - He seemed friendly at first, and helpful… but he's a coward, and has poor priorities.

Valentin Avdeev - Our meeting was very brief. I truly don't know what to think of him, yet. On the plus side, he doesn't seem to mind Sara even after hearing The Broadcast.

(Entry 2) - I've been on a couple of missions with him now. Largely ineffective, but he seems to be at least trying… I hope. He did manage to get the old sleepless man home safely and keep him company when we were investigating the mushrooms, though. That mission… what a nightmare (pun intended).

Charlie Small - There's a strange buzzing sound like distant static when he's around. Not enough to be distracting, but it's annoying. He walks barefoot, like I wish I could more, but I don't think it's for nearly the same reasons. Dislikes the name 'nature-boy.'

FonyX - I don't think it's his real name, but if it's what he wants to be called, that doesn't really matter. He supposedly befriended Sara, but I don't know the details on that - I'm happy for her if it's genuine, but wary if he just wanted information on the other students, like he asked me when I came down.

General Bryce - Even though he's military, I think he really cares about us here. He's funny, easygoing, and seems to always be around exactly when you need him. Which is weird. I suspect he may have some form of precognitive or probability-related ability. Even though he committed a questionable act by handing that girl over, it's… it's better than the alternative, and I don't think he had much say in the matter - if he'd disobeyed orders, he'd have just been in trouble, and the girl would almost certainly be caught again anyway… and treated far worse.

Penelope Wintrhope - Quick-witted and a great teacher. She conveys material in a manner that holds interest and wastes little time, the kind of class pacing I enjoy. I haven't talked to her very much outside of class, yet…

(Entry 2) - She's… not very helpful outside of class. She also has been rushing Sara out of the room as soon as they finish practice, and Sara thinks she's been worried about something of late. Perhaps she'd perform better if the cause of her worries were discovered and mended? Not that I believe I can be more resourceful than she is in that… although, she hasn't shown nearly as much resourcefulness as I'd like or expect in aiding students with our problems so far.

William Page - I think he's a good man, but he always seems so tired. Someone I believe I can come to with issues, if I must - he'll know who to direct the problem to, if it's not his field.

DJ G - A lunatic, and a shameless flirt, but a funny one if you get him in a conversation rather than listening to his broadcast. I hate the things he said about Sara, and the fact that he tried to have her things stolen just because they 'might have been of interest,' but as long as he apologizes to her and never does it again, I think we can be cordial since it wasn't personal. I admit to being quite impressed with his information network…

Warren Pice - At first I worried he might be here to hurt us, like the Infinity woman did, but I was wrong. The trade he made with Wendy was very bad for her and she could have gotten a lot better, but it's moot since both items involved were confiscated. I'm trying to make amends… plus he's my best chance for something that I really need, and you know what they say about desparation.

(Entry 2) - He's… he's been helpful. Very helpful, in several ways. This school would be a very different experience without him, and not for the better. I think that if I'm ever able to feel safe around a man, he's a good chance to be one of the few I'd trust.

Lt. Inaba - An Eye of Infinity member. She hurt Rose by offering her a drug without including proper instructions, but in retrospect, Rose had a really bad day… so did I, or I might have been aware enough to prevent the whole thing. We met her again while on a run, and it was probably Rose and a few others helping her escape, that made her help us and prevented a conflict. She tries to keep vital information to herself. I'm not totally sure what to think of her.

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