Broken Silence

<LipstickThespian> Tucked in the recess under the bend of the staircase, Katlyn spent her afternoon ignoring the homework she had piling up back in her room. She sat cross legged on the part of the floor the janitor never bothered to get around to cleaning. A few boxes full of old hardware from the construction of the building tucked beside her. If you weren't in a rush to head up or down the stairs you might catch a glimpse of her behind the handrail. Or even hear the quick motions of the sharpie she was using on the sketchpad in her lap.

<SolongStarbird> Val, being on the recovering end of his cold, is in no hurry, and spots the girl in her hiding spot. "Hello."

<LipstickThespian> Looking up from her sketchpad, Katlyn doesn't stare at the boy, but she looks a little startled to be caught in the act of relaxing. Her green eye and her blue eye watch the boy and inspect him for a moment, before she reaches up and gives him a quick wave. Her hoodie's sleeve falling a bad as she does to show the edge of a tattoo.

<SolongStarbird> "Are you new here?"

<LipstickThespian> Taking a moment, she adjusts herself to dig down deeper into her hoodier. She shakes her head in a quick negetive.

<SolongStarbird> "Alright then. Nice to meet you."

<LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and glances down to her sketch pad, she starts to go back to her drawing.

<SolongStarbird> "I'm sure I'll see you around." Val continues to walk own the stairs.

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