Basic Info:

Player: Antichthon
Name: Athene

XP Unspent/Total: 7/187

Appearance: Egyptian from the waist up, snake from the waist down. Looks to be in her late teens, with an adult figure.

Personality: Friendly, caring. Evil by nature, good by nurture. Always hungry. Sometimes overwhelmed by her monstrous side.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:

Likes - Nature, Friendship, Violence

Dislikes - Ice Cream, Monster Girl Animes, Violence

Hobbies - Gardening, Photography


Brawn: 7

Finesse: 4

Acuity: 4

Resolve: 4

Charisma: 4


Initiative: 8

Health: 18

Psyche: 11

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 16
Reflex Total: 10
Willpower Total: 14
Parry Roll: 17

Dodge: 10
Mundane DR: 16
Ability DR: 16
Equipped: Athene's ultratough hide (Arachnoweave-equivalent) 3/3, DV-E Barrier 1/1


  • Heavyweight (10 (9 + 1 from Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact))) Brawn, Being several metric tons of Echidnean has its advantages. Heavy Melee.
  • Reflexes (6) Finesse, If it isn't too cold out.
  • Willpower (10 (9 + 1 from AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian(Artifact))) Resolve, Thank you, Ellie.
  • Vitality (9 (8 + 1 from Belt of the Fashionable Defender (Artifact))) Brawn
  • Movement (6) Finesse
  • Perception (7 ( 6 + 1 from AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian (Artifact))) Acuity
  • Social (6) Charisma
  • Magic (3) Charisma, Runic


Echidna's Lure - 3 (Power) She inherited a powerful telepathic affinity from her mother.


  • Echidnean (33) - Athene has all the strengths weaknesses of a giant mythical snake. +2 Brawn cap. +2 Charisma cap. Gain 5 natural armor that is not bypassed by abilities or magic. May not take additional natural armor or resistant body. Take +3 damage from cold, bypasses natural armor. -1 Finesse for 2 rounds after taking cold damage, stacking up to 3 times. -3 Willpower against influence that specifically takes advantage of Echidnean instincts.
  • Echidnean Enhanced Senses (3) - Athene has a keen sense of smell and is sensitive to infrared and vibrations.
  • Everyone's Shield II (5) - Once per turn, you may intercept without spending an action at no penalty. You may intercept without spending an action two extra times per turn.
  • Selective Reflexes II (2) - Your intercept attempts get +3.
  • Effort Mastery (B) (2) - Retained Effort beyond 1 day is determined solely by Brawn.
  • I Won't Let That Happen Anymore (6) - After an ally has reached ≤2 health due to enemy action, or two allies have taken at least 2/3 of their health in damage, you get +1 to all attacks and defenses, and +5 to intercept attempts for the rest of the encounter.
  • Medication Dependency (Flavor) - Athene is reliant on her medication to keep her more monstrous side in check. Starved of medication for long enough, she becomes hostile, territorial and power-hungry.


Total Currency: $539

On Hand


XP and Advancement:


XP History:

Initial Details:

Additional Information:


Athene was hatched to Echidna, the Mother of Monsters, on April 30th, 2004. She spent her early years with her mother in her underground Bureau prison on the Greek island of Keros.

Kerensky's Favorite: Athene is virtually unbeatable in any Battletech-derived game.

Master Masseuse: Athene gives great massages.

  • 10/21/2019 Please get better, Lisa. I miss you. Fuck the sex, fuck the status, fuck everything. I want to hold you again. Hug you from behind, put my chin on your head, and just talk. We only have this tiny island of time together as lovers before our long lives take us apart. I don't want to spend it with a silent ball of tentacles.


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